Amazon supports and endorses totally unfounded and ridicolous negative product review


We had an instance of a customer that received a bag on fresh coffee in September 2019 who let a bad review because the product he received had a best before date of March 2020: so nearly 7 months still remaining on the best before date from when the item was delivered.
We adopt a 6 to 8 months best before shelf life on products, which means this customer pretty much received the product right after production and has more than half a year to consume it before the best before date.
We wrote to Amazon to review the case and in their opinion this review is fine. They support it.
Can you believe it?
How one earth does Amazon intend to support food producers, if they expect years on a best before date? Do they prefer to sell stale old products?

Any other food producers or sellers that had this kind of issue?


At the end of the day, it’s the customers opinion.
No matter you go, there is always going to people like that.
All you can really do, is ignore and move on.

I’ve had similar with Batteries. Best before date for 4 years in the future, but still not long enough…

The mind boggles.