Amazon Suspension - Suspected inauthentic documentation



Account got deactivated/suspended based on suspected forged/manipulated documentation. Appeal has been made via the appeal system with relevant documents to show document authenticity. Initial response to the first appeal was that they needed more information to reactivate the account. More information has been obtained from supplier and no response since uploading a much more detailed appeal plus additional documents. The appeal page now shows -

Next steps

*** If we have responded to your appeal, you can submit additional information below.**
*** Check [Performance Notifications] for more information on your submission. **
Submit Additional Information

Does this mean they have not accepted the information submitted earlier or we just still have to continue to wait during this perilous times?

Help Please!!!


Unless they have replied asking for further info then just sit tight a little longer unfortunately…


Thank you Adrian. We will have to wait then. Really sad! All easter products are stranded (big loss and debt)


By the way, does it matter if they already sent the 1st email requesting for more and documents and indicating they may not respond to further emails. Do we still need to be in the waiting game?

Thank you


Hello @I.C.M,

I understand that your account has been taken down for authenticity issues and you have submitted all the relevant documents in your appeal.

We agree that waiting for a response might get tedious. But our teams will definitely get back with an update on your pending appeals. Also, if your previous appeals are not reviewed yet, you may not have an option to submit additional information through the performance notifications. We also recommend that you do not submit any additional information now as it might delay the review process.

If in case your documents are not accepted for any reason, you will be notified accordingly. In such cases a plan of action can help in account reinstatement.

I’d suggest that you work on a plan of action by considering the following points:

  1. The preventative measures you can take to ensure that you do not sell products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured.
  2. How will you verify the accuracy of your products and will not list unbranded items on branded products?
  3. How will you develop processes to ensure that all your branded products are legitimate and authentic?

I’d also suggest you to go through our Product Authenticity and Quality policy here:

Please keep a tab on your performance notifications as they will notify about the review details or if more information is needed.



Thank you @Elena_Amazon for your response Elena.

Yes, We have submitted the plan of action with the second appeal including all documents. So if the case has been reviewed, the option to submit additional documents will be available but not required to be used as long as the performance team has not responded directly to us right?

We are just a it worried as the initial response from the performance team after the first appeal indicate they require more information and may not respond to further emails.