Amazon UK not able to change visa debit card to mastercard debit


My site has been shut down cannot get into seller central my bank has stopped using visa and we received a new debit mastercard, amazon site just says you need to change payment as the visa has stopped working. everytime we go into seller central to change the card to a new mastercard there is an error
Your card could not be verified. Please try again.

  • occurred at Wed Jun 01 2022 22:11:00 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

So now we are stuck the help is useless they told me you can only use a credit card now this cannot be true as we went into all the EU sites and they verified the card no problem help please we have orders to get out so is this true no more matercard debit ??


I use a Santander Mastercard debit card without any problems so Amazon do accept them as a charge method for sellers.

Have you checked with your bank to see if they can see the card being declined and can give a reason why?


When Amazon state credit card it doesn’t exactly mean “CREDIT”. They use this term for any card be it debit or visa debit etc.

Just a few questions.

Which bank are you using?

Is your card a pre-paid card? I’m asking this as you stated you have mastercard. Most of these are pre-paid MasterCards which Amazon does not accept. A Prepaid Mastercard differs from a credit card as everything is prepaid.

Also make sure bank account is in positive when updating your charge method.


Hello thanks for reply we are using nat west just been on to them they said it is amazon that is not processing correctly do these guys at amazon know what there doing ! i cannot process orders update stock nothing


—COPIED— May Help.

In order for AMAZON to verify your credit card details you need to ensure that you have funds available. Amazon do not charge your card but do ask your bank if it is possible to charge your card. If this fails when you update your details then your card will appear as invalid.
Amazon suggest having at least £5.00 in your account before you update your credit card details.

Another issue may be if you have an exception set up for the charge method in your account. This option is perfectly fine to use if you wish to have a different credit card registered for one or more of the other marketplaces. Many sellers forget that they have added an exception and when this card expires it can cause the issue you are experiencing. In order to resolve the issue you need to click on the ‘View exception details’ in the Charge Method section if you have an exception set up.


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