Amazon UK VAT Collection



I’ve been selling over a year in European marketplaces for about a year and I would file my quarterly VAT accordingly to registered countries. But looking into my order Transaction Details I see there is a VAT section that amazon automatically adds but I’m not sure it is being collected already or it is estimated TAX.

In the USA for all the states that tax is appliable with the Tax Code A__GEN_TAX, amazon collects and remit the tax so the seller does not have to worry about, but I’m confused about how it works in the UK if I picked A_GEN_STANDARD is that works the same way.

I do not want to pay double sales tax if amazon already collects 20% on every sale. So does Amazon collect the sales VAT on every sale made in the UK or I have to submit it accordingly?

Thank you for your attention to my topic.
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Amazon does not collect UK VAT. You need to submit a return every 3 months…


I think you’ll find that the VAT showing on your Amazon account is just for the tax added to their service fees (referral and fulfilment fees etc), which Amazon will then pay to the tax office. Accounting for and paying the VAT that applies to the goods is your responsibility