Amazon VAT Services "EC Sales List" for Spanish VAT/VIES activation?



We signed up to Amazon VAT Service over a year ago now, and we are still unable to sell via Amazon Pan EU due to our Spanish VAT number not being active on VIES. We have finally been told by Amazon that this is due to us not filing “EC Sales List”.

We do not have an EC Sales List, as Amazon VAT Service are suppose to provided and report this automatically as per their sales blurb (source).

We have told Seller Support, this, but they are adamant that we need to provide an EC Sales List. So the a few questions please…

1. Is it possible to obtain an EC Sales list via an Amazon report, and if so how please?

2. Have any of you had this issue of trying to get your Spanish VAT number activated on VIES, and if so how did you achieve it? Was it the issue with EC Sales list, or something else?

Even if we are able to produce an EC Sales list, it would be minimal because of course we haven’t started to sell across Europe yet as we can’t until we have our Spanish VAT number activated on VIES. We have started to sell in France only, but in order to use Amazon PAN EU, we need all VAT numbers activated, which they all are, apart from our Spanish VAT number which needs to be activated on VIES also, and it’s this that has held everything for a year now.

Thank you


Please can someone help? Hoping there is another seller selling via Amazon PAN EU and has therefore navigated this VIES nightmare? How did you do it? Where did you get the EU Sales List please, and can you provide a template example? Amazon is supposed to automatically file the EC Sales List as per their sales blurb…

We signed up Dec 21, and yet a year and half on we are still unable to utilize Amazon PAN EU because of this VIES nightmare. Amazon SS has us waiting months saying they are looking into to, only then to reply with “We cannot help, you need to speak to your tax agent”.

Our tax agent is the god awful Avalara assigned to us by Amazon who simply advise us “We cannot help, you need to speak to Amazon and we will reply to their queries”, so each are simply passing responsibility and no one is helping. Avarlara has completely stopped responding to our emails now, and Amazon simply advise us to contact Avalara who then don’t reply, so we are stuck in a circle of no help.

Any mods about that can help escalate this issue please to find a solution? I usually would not tag a mod, but I have no idea where to turn next. @Abel_Amazon @Jessica @Fidak_Amazon @Dhoni_Amazon @Amar_Amazon @Zanetta_Amazon @Julia_Amazon @Maja_Amazon

Thanks all.


sorry i can’t help with the sales list but whilst you wait, can you not ship and store in de . fr and .it and then just sell EFN to Spain ?
(presuming you have vat in de fr it pl and cz)

Pan-European FBA will only become active for a product after two conditions have been met:

  • You have created an active FBA offer in all of the Amazon European stores listed as required on Pan-European FBA inventory and enrol the ASIN in Pan-European FBA.
  • You have sent your products to an EU fulfilment centre and enabled inventory placement in at least two countries among Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Poland. Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden are currently not options for Pan-European FBA inventory placement.


Hi @ Bitty,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

I will collect all the information and come back to you with more details.

Meanwhile, I hope to see other sellers give you some advice and support.

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@ Bitty, did you check this help page before?:

EU VAT legislation 2020 implications for Vat Calculation Service

How do sellers validate and list local VAT registration numbers in VIES?

To validate local VAT registration numbers and list them in VIES, do the following:

For Spain:

  1. Complete the registration form 036 for the changes in VAT number registration (complete entry 130 on page 1, and entries 582 and 584 on page 5) on the online portal of the Spanish tax authorities.
  2. Submit the completed form 036 along with the identification details and capacity of the person electronically signing the form.
  3. Once the Spanish tax authorities have started processing the request, they will request the documents that accredit sellers’ activities with other European countries.
  4. Provide the documents describing the taxable activities and proof of the intra-community transactions (for example, copies of invoices and customer orders).

Note: It can take approximately 1 to 2 months to validate and list a Spanish local VAT registration number in VIES.



Thank you Julia, but we are already aware of this, however, the issue is point 4, which is referring to the EC Sales list, which we do not have. Avalara our tax agent as assigned by Amazon should take care of this whole process. They advised Amazon need to resolve issue and Avalara have since not responded to any of our emails for the last 2 months now.

Amazon are supposed to automatically report the EC Sales List as part of the VAT Services on Amazon, but that is not happening. Amazon need to automatically report the EC Sales List as per sales blurb so we can finally have our Spanish VAT number activated on VIES, or at the very least explain how we can produce the EC Sales List ourselves, including what periods are required, where to obtain list of EU sales details, what details needs to be included, format required, so and and so forth.

Please are you able to escalate this matter to someone who can assist in providing the EC Sales List, as SS simply refer us back to Avalara who refer us back to Amazon who refer us back to Avalara. Avalara are no longer responding to our emails so we are going around in circles. Latest SS ticket ID is 8157060302.


Hi @ Bitty,

Thank you for this clarification!

I will contact internal teams and do everything I can to move your case forward.

I will keep you informed,