Amazon will expand to Poland


We are pleased to announce that we have started the work to launch the Polish Store to delight local customers and give Selling Partners the opportunity to expand their European business even further.

Seller Central Poland is now available to you as a new country option in your EU Seller account.

Note: If you can't see as a country option in your Seller Central account yet, then please click here to insert your merchant token and our team will make it available to you as soon as possible.

We will notify you via email of the public launch of Please check here under Account Notifications, if your email address for important Technical Notifications and Business Updates is still up to date.

How to start selling in Poland Marketplace

Is going to have the HANDMADE department or like in the Netherlands and Sweden Artisans are going to be penalised again not been able to expand in these 3 marketplaces? After 1 year from the launch I have zero sales in Netherlands and Sweden because although you are able to sell products, these are not visible at all to customers if these are not been featured in the HANDMADE department. What a pity


Keep checking your accounts guys and girls incase you suddenly find yourself selling on when you don’t want to. I only want to sell in the UK and have all other locations on holiday mode and keep a watchful eye on it.


Learnt this the hard way on the last marketplace added, free post and all…


Seems to have created an issue in terms of my credit card suddenly being deemed invalid and I suddenly have polish marketplace options and inactive listings on my account and drop downs offering or .pl sites all of which I could do without as I have no interest in polish customers on amazon!


Surely Russian has to be in the pipeline?




@thomas2u - why what’s wrong with them ? - amzn only want to try and take on Allegro . pl

doubtful - Mr. Putin would not allow - unless your talking about a gas pipeline !!


There we go, makrel fighters taking back control


for myself I will not be wasting time putting items on the new Amazon site I prefer to expand on more stable trustworthy sites. Amazon would be better off fixing the many problems they have on existing sites. ie collective punishments ever growing red tape no seller support etc. Amazon is currently a horrific experience to try and sell on.


Not only handmade products are banned from selling,also many other aren’t visible to the customers.I assume,it might be directly related to their marketplaces regulations .


Nothing is wrong with them. I only sell on and do not sell on other amazon platforms to overseas customers - I do not understand why I have had .pl shows in my dashboard when other marketplaces like .fr or .it do not.


That’s good,but having in mind all those Brexit restrictions,I doubt that customers wants to pay the customs charges.


Let me Know when you find out , as i have been trying all morning to remove it, without sucess, looks like i will have to get on to seller central to cancel the polish account.


When will the marketplace show when editing a listing in managing inventory? Specifically the translation of listings where you normally select “Be the first to sell in Poland - Sell in Poland” Button.

Still having trouble with this where some products don’t have the option to automatically translate for the Netherlands, and I have no option for Sweden.

Maybe I have not selected something correctly, or followed the relevant process?



Thank you for the above post. I have no intention of listing any items on the new poland site I had checked and I had no inventory on the Polish site after reading your post a few hours later I checked again to discover that Amazon DE had automatically added almost a thousand of my products to the site


What to do to INCLUDE Poland and Sweden in my seller central? I tried everything, and it does not work.


I do not see any option to add selling in Poland? I have filled out the form with the merchant token.


As well as submitting the request for the Poland marketplace to be added, do check that your account is eligible.

To address your request, you must have a:

  • European Unified Account
  • Valid and verified credit card
  • Valid and verified business address
  • Professional Selling account
  • Active Seller Account

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