Amazon withholding my funds more than 5 months in the name of verification


I am from India and have been receiving funds earlier on time whilst all the verification had been done and processed before. But then last year for no reason stated what so ever they have stopped my payments while I am still fulfilling all orders diligently with every last penny of mine. They keep saying verification is going on and will inform me if there’s any update but it has been more than 5 months and I have submitted every possible document that they required and all in time yet no action from their side. I have sent several emails to the verification team also but all in vain, they never respond. My business is suffering because of this and I had to cut down on my operations due to lack of funds. I feel so helpless, I don’t know how to get my money back! Please guide me. Thank you




I did email them several times but have received no response yet.

Thank you for your response.