Amazon Woocommerce Inventory Management Software



Ive been going around in circles trying to find the best software for my online business to help me automate my Inventory.

I realise the most time consuming task I have is ordering stock from my suppliers.
I do this every few days.
I try and predict what I will need to order in for roughly a month of sales, by working off Excel sheets, manually entering SKU’s into the order section on amazon to see monthly sales (on both Amazon UK and Germany), using woocommerce sales reports etc, this is so time consuming as you may imagine and is a total brain melt.

The business took off very quickly over the past year and I now have over 200 SKU’s.
Due to my limited time available and being the sole employee, I haven’t had the time to set up stock control properly, so I feel completely in the dark about what products are the most profitable etc.

Because I look at a computer screen all day long I would love to have a clear dashboard that pulls all the data in and basically tells me profitability and what to order.

Basic business Info:

I store inventory in Amazon FBA in the UK and Germany for sales across all amazon marketplaces
I also have 2 x woocommerce websites, 1 is fulfilled totally from FBA and the other uses a separate fulfilment center (Ireland)

What I I am looking for:

Software that collects sales data from amazon and woocommerce and predicts what stock I need to order from suppliers to always stay in stock.
See best selling products on amazon and woocommerce separately.
See the profit being made on each product so I can clearly see which products are most profitable
Show how much monthly profit for each product so I can eventually reduce the number of SKU’s and concentrate my time more efficiently on products with more income.

Optional Extras to reduct more time:

Option to list a product on woocommerce, which then lists on the second woocommerce site as well as amazon marketplaces.
Have all customer emails come into the one place from Amazon and woocommerce, have templates made for repetitive questions.

Having spent countless hours searching for the best solution, it seems that having a software for both amazon and woocommerce seems to be the issue.
Seeing as 1 of my sites uses amazon fba for fulfilment, If I could find a great solution for amazon alone this would be a massive time saver fro me

I really appreciate it for taking the time to read this. Any help or advice anyone can offer I would be extremely grateful.




Hi Robert, perhaps have a look at Channelengine, they aren’t the cheapest but their software integrates with many marketplaces and ecommerce software such as woocommerce.

We are in talk with them so I can’t really review the actual service just yet but it seems they might well be able to help you out with their software.


Thanks I did contact them, but unfortunately they dont have an option for working out profit per listing.

Thanks anyway!


WPlister can sync listing on ebay/Amazon using SKU and that will update the stock on your own website. If you use second website to sync then WP All Import Pro and WP All Export Pro can sync between 2 sites.

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