Amazon's system/customer service are so silly


I want to send some products to Amazon FBA, problem is that the product has been incorrectly deemed by Amazon as standard sized when it’s actually oversized, therefore it wants us to send to the incorrect warehouse, it’s worth nothing that the correct package dimension is in the product listing but at the time of the making the FBA listing, I don’t think there were any dimensions in the listing.

Anyways ive contacted Amazon to ask them to change this, but all the support so far have said is that I have to send the items in so that we can request they remeasure the product (which they have never measured anyway). Problem is that you’re not allowed to send boxes longer than 60cm to the standard items warehouse (this product is 70cm long), ive done this once by mistake and got a big warning about it threatening me that I might not be able to send FBA in if I did it again. I have told customer support this and they just say “you need to send it in to get remeasured, take my word for it, it will be fine”

Anyways does anyone if I should delete the FBA listing and create another or will this just happen again?


Send it in and request it be remeasured.

Carton dimensions should not exceed 63.5 cm on any side, unless the dimension of a single deliverable unit exceeds 63.5 cm in itself.


Didn’t know that! ha that make sense now thankyou