An individual seller with professional selling plan


Dear all,

I registered as an individual seller (business type) with professional selling plan, I understood that the legal business type and selling plan are 2 things separately? Correct me if I’m wrong, and an individual like me (without business registration/no company formed) still sells on amazon more than 40items per month as commercial activity?

However, I got several mails from Amazon team said that I wrongly chose my legal business type. Though I have confirmed that Im an indiviual seller, they keep sending that message. Since I don’t have business license, if i chose “privately owned business” or “sole propriator” they require the submission of biz license, letter of authority…

Please advise how I can go ahead. Many thanks


You are right, the Selling Plan and legal entity are two separate things.

However, after reviewing your account, Amazon determined that you are selling items for profit despite you registered as an “Individual”, which is only suitable for merchants reselling their old unwanted possessions.

At this point, you have no other option than to register as a business, then update your legal entity in your account and provide Amazon any verification documents they may request.

Also, every Seller Account initially comes with a 15000€ transaction limit and once you exceed it, you will be asked to update your legal entity and register as a business anyway.


As @Kika has said, Amazon has determined that you are operating as a business. As such you will be required to register as a sole trader (at least) which will require your UTR to confirm that you are registered with HMRC as a self-employed taxpayer.


Thanks a lot Kika, it’s very kind of you

One more question, if I setup a business and my company add does not match with my add in seller central (which is the address stated in my bank statement and ID certificate), is this ok for that or they must all match with each other?

Thank you


In my case of foreign business (after setup), do i have to register with HMRC for tax purpose? Tks


I actually don’t know. I presume you will need to show some form of appropriate documentation to support your registration.

I doubt it will be from HRMC however. I take it you don’t use FBA?


Everything what you entered in the Account Info section of your account needs to exactly match your documents, otherwise you will be unable to pass verification.