Any one selling Lithium Batteries Guyz?


need help about upcoming Rules on Lithium Batteries as we sell different brands of lithium ion
and Amazon is now asking to submit Test report for those before new Year here is the news
‘’ New lithium battery requirement for FBA sellers

Effective January 1, 2020, battery manufacturers and distributors must provide a lithium battery test summary, per a United Nations standard known as UN 38.3. This new global requirement applies to lithium batteries and products containing lithium batteries

When selling on FBA, you are responsible for obtaining this test summary for any ASIN that you sell. Failure to provide this summary may prevent you from selling the product on Amazon. In addition, any units of this ASIN in our fulfilment centres may be disposed of at your expense.’’
whats the solution as we are not buying Direct form Distributor due to price Factor and no Margin’’


You can sell them Seller Fulfilled Prime, or just standard Merchant Fulfilled

You are still supposed to label each parcel with a warning though - example: B07H7TRQ85 or B07H4VL4KL


thnx DAE-1.
yes i know that it will be last option to do it yourself. thought may be a solutions is there was just exploring the knowledge.