Anyone ever succeeded in appealing an A-to-Z claim?


Good morning,

We are fully a seller-fulfilled business on Amazon.

Have any sellers ever succeeding in appealing or overturning an A-to-Z claim. Amazon grants the customer every single claim we have ever had. We use Royal Mail’s Click & Drop system so we can easily provide screenshots proving we have shipped it including the exact weight of the parcel, we also provide FULLY tracked delivery confirmation and they still grant the claim to the customer. In a recent example, we sent the same order TWICE as a good will gesture and customer said they received neither despite providing delivery confirmation to Amazon.

Anyone got any tips on how to win these claims or at least get Amazon to fund the claims?

Thank you.


This should help:


Almost never.

I have one at the moment for an item not received that was granted instantly at 1.11 am in the morning over a month ago.

Despite tracking being uploaded.

Despite the buyer filing a return a month previously because the item did not fit which was granted.

How could a buyer could return an item, they had “not received?”

How could a buyer could know the item did not fit his child if he did not receive it?

Amazon won’t explain why the A to Z was opened and closed simultaneously without me having chance to reply.

Amazon repeatedly ignore the overwhelming proof of delivery inc screenshots of the signature and a screenshot of google maps pinpointing the exact address and GPS co-ordinates when the item was signed for.

Amazon falsely accused me of not replying to the A to Z within 3 days of April 30th when they can see for that I in fact replied multiple times ON April 30th.

They refuse to do anything about this, my screenshots and info keep “disappearing” from the case log.


That is so wrong. I feel angry for you.


If it was granted instantly, then you never uploaded tracking at the time of the order.
Doesn’t matter if it was added, 20 seconds after…

Always add tracking information at the time of dispatch.

You still have the option to appeal though. Provide tracking information at that point and you may get amazon to fund it instead of you.
Take a look at the A-Z thread (Link above).


This has been mentioned before, you really do need to take screenshots of case file conversations as back-up.
Escalate if needs be.


It’s an integrated system, it instantly uploads the tracking via an API.

I have had a similar one yesterday, but this one was not auto-granted, I had chance to reply to the case, Amazon emailed me for the signature which I uploaded this morning and they refused the claim straight away.

Why they have dealt with both cases differently I do not know


It’s been ongoing for over a month as it is, they asked me yesterday for more info so they could be “satisfied the delivery was made to the buyers address” I did so with overwhelming proof (5 screenshots, signature, google map, gps co-ordinates) and they still refused it.

Why ask for that incontovertible info and still refuse? This was when they came up with I hadn’t replied to the claim 30th April even though my reply is visible in the case dated 30th April.

Something stinks.


Here’s the response to my last A-Z claim appeal, automatically granted after a buyer apparently listed three items from three different sellers which he claimed had all failed to arrive:

We have closed your claim because you refused the delivery of the shipment and the seller has not received the returned package(s). For help finding the package, we recommend that you contact the carrier.

I conclude that appealing is not only a waste of time, but also something that Amazon wishes me to understand is a waste of time.


It seems if it is not automatically granted and you get a chance to reply to the A to Z you might have some luck.

If it is auto-granted then as far as I can see Amazon will not reverse as they have already refunded the buyer and would have to fund the refund to the seller out of their pocket.
Hence they will do everything in their power, even as far as being underhanded, deleting evidence and outright lying to avoid this.


No absolutely not - the game is weighted against the Seller so beware of the customer scam that we tried to appeal.
Customer orders the wrong product not what she wanted - although very clear on our page
Customer claims she did not get product but when we “Tracked” and found she had the product so she had a new plan
She said it was wrong product
We offered to ship the product she thought she was ordering if she paid the “Label” price less what she had already paid.
No response bur a request from her for Return Authorization - we issued immediately. No product returned and she went into “Radio Silence”
Now the clever plan - she puts in an A-Z Guarantee Claim which is issued and our account charged
We appealed with the Amazon response we did not reply within 3 working - days We do respond to everything within 24 hours - hence a 5 star rating on customer satisfaction
So bottom line the customer just scored a £289 unit absolutely free of chrarge - Amazon response - up to you to contact her to get it back !!! Very clever - wonder if she is serial scammer ?


They’re so big that even the idiom “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” isn’t good enough. To reach Amazons scale of non-communication and randomness of policies its more like “The thumb on their left hand doesn’t know what the first finger on their left hand is doing”.

I know what my middle fingers are doing.



Almost exactly what happened with me


But this suggests that you won your claim and the buyer was denied.


That’s how I read it too!!



I have the same case going on and the funny thing is it was again at earlier hours of the morning 12:19am.

It was automatically accepted and the order was place 1 month before.

Im in the process of fighting this case and i have all email communication to show that i haven’t done anything wrong and in fact the customer is just trying to take advantage.


Nope. Just get a standard response to all appeals making it quite obvious the appeal and the case facts have not even been read by Amazon. Amazon always finds for the customer no matter the circumstances.


Perhaps it’s all about which member of staff deals with the appeal as my experience is very different. Customer opened an a-z claiming INR, Amazon auto granted even though tracking had been uploaded. I appealed as not only did the tracking show she had the items but she’d messaged me wanting to send the items back. I told her to raise a return request but she never did, just tried her luck with the a-z.

Amazon said sorry, agreed I wasn’t my fault, refunded me and removed the defect from my metrics. Maybe I just got lucky…


I can assure you that I did not win and have had that money taken from my account. My query of this response was met after two days with the following reply from Amazon:
We will investigate this issue that you brought to our attention and take the appropriate action.
_ _
For privacy reasons, we cannot share the results of our investigation with you.

Ok, here is a thought. Is it possible that with some A-Zs, Amazon charges both seller AND denies buyer, meaning they cash in on both ends?! It certainly looks, as you say, as though this one has been refused, although I have been charged. Would not put it past them…


Had my first A-Z claim last week, End user didn’t reply to a request to explain a fault. The customer didnt respond and then messaged amazon to say they had no contact even though I had clearly messaged them. I explained the situation and approved a return and next thing I know Amazon gave them the money back. So I appealed explaining the situation and Amazon just upheld it.

Quite shocked and disappointing to be honest at how unreasonable this can turn out against the seller.