Anyone ever succeeded in appealing an A-to-Z claim?


Succeed in every case.
None of the fraud buyer had ever successfully scam me.


Sometimes I have succeeded in an A-Z especially if the customer first emails you stating they don’t like the product then open’s an A-Z stating they have not received the item, although usually amazon emails me stating, they have refunded the customer but I have not credited the refund.

You do get some daft A-Z claims, “Seller Unresponsive” “Item Never arrived”

My Response (brief description) “Customer has not contacted me once, and here’s the tracking that says it’s been delivered”

But one of my Worst customer, “Shame” “Shame” (ringing a bell?)

Customer states item is too small, seller offers a replacement, customer accepts.
Customer opens a return request, no longer needed.
Seller informs the customer they need to return BOTH t-shirts.
Back & forth emails go on, A-Z opens up

And Customer going on saying “Horrible service from seller”… really?


I hate to think how much Amazon are paying out every day to fraudulent customers who are laughing all the way.


Yes, but a very, very long time ago, maybe 15 years ago. I can’t remember the circumstances but it was plainly unjustified - I explained my side of it and they found in my favour. But that was before this thing where you have to have sent it tracked or they automatically refund, even if they are not claiming non-arrival.


It’s pretty obvious what they are doing, we are supposed to enable them to resolve the vast majority of claims without paying a human to look at them. If this crude software (that awards the buyer immediately if system does not pick up valid tracking) leaves us out of pocket and makes obvious errors, that is of no concern to Amazon. It is a business cost that has been passed onto us basically.


I wish it was that easy. I found found the staff on the telephone utterly woeful to the point they just don’t even understand what a confirmation of delivery is. Emailing them is pointless as they don’t bother checking the order details or the information put in the email, if you reply to an email they don’t bother reading the thread to get the facts of the case.


How? What do you put in your appeal.

For us tracking is uploaded at the exact time of dispatch because it is done via the Royal Mail Click & Drop API. It gives the delivery confirmation on the tracking. We even supply proof of postage that gives the exact weight of the parcel down to the gram. All provided with URLs for tracking and screenshots. They don’t even respond to our appeals and just grant it in the buyer’s favour.


Thank you. We will have a read.


I should point out that in the vast majority of cases we do not even get the option to appeal.

We reply to all messages from customers within 1 working day and it’s no accident that all of those that put in an A-Z claim do not attempt to make contact at all.


Any INR A to Z will be automatically awarded if you hare not uploaded tracking at the time of dispatch. Otherwise you should be given 72 hours.


All tracking information is uploaded at the time of dispatch, it is one process done automatically via the Royal Mail Click & Drop API. When we mark it as dispatched on Click & Drop it automatically marks it as shipped on Amazon and adds the tracking.

I think our issue maybe that our tracking is just TRACKED rather than signed. I’ve read the post you kindly linked and it mentions that they’re more likely to deny a claim or fund it themselves if a signature is provided.

We deliberately use TRACKED rather than SIGNED because it allows the parcels to be delivered when the customers are not in. Most of our customers order a single item that can easily fit through the letterbox and saves the dreaded trip to the post office.


If all you say in your message is true and you would be prepared to stand up in Court and swear it if necessary, and if you are UK based and the customer is UK based, start court action with a warning letter/letter before action followed up by Small Claim Court action. Include interest, costs etc and Amazons normal fees - go for the whole caboodle. I never parp around with these people if I can. If more people went for the jugular, there would be less scamming/fraudulent activities going on. Too many think the sellers will just shrug it off. You are running a business not a charity.