Anyone recently gotten into Hazmat UK program?


Started to create new offers and shipments to UK FBA centers.
Struck quite a showstopper, as large selection of products from Health and Beauty/Topicals have been classified as Hazmat products.
Contacted the seller support with inquiry about Hazmat approval, and have received the following reply:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

As per your email, I discern that you are concerned regarding FBA Hazmat Program.

I raised a request to our Compliance team asking for enrollment in the UK FBA Hazmat Pilot Programme. To which they have updated us stating that unfortunately the enrolment in the programme is currently paused with no ETA for reopening to non-account managed sellers.

I regret to inform you that you will not be able to join the programme at this time. Alternatively, you may select the link below to review and accept the Terms & Conditions in order to be part of the Hazmat Pilot Program.

[URL removed]

Rest assured that if we start taking enrolments for the programme in future, you will be notified about the same. For information about starting to sell Dangerous Goods (Hazmat) with FBA, […]

The link provided in this message led to some Qualtrics website, which offered to register in global Amazon hazmat program.
Question is, has anyone recently gotten in to this program, or is there basically nothing left for me to just wait for Amazon to get back to me?
Kind regards,


We are enrolled on the Hazmat program.

We enquired like yourself and was told the same and then a few months later we received an invitation.


I got an email yesterday inviting me to it.
It apparently takes 5 days for it to go live, so can’t really tell you much about it.
I believe that you have the same link. It’s an amazon/qualtrics link.
I would probably ignore what Amazon support are telling you, at least if you have received the same email.


Yes, I fulfilled the requirements, submitted my information in this amazon/qualtrics link, and received the following response back, 12 days ago:

Dear Kristaps Livmanis,

We hereby confirm your participation in the FBA Dangerous Goods Program for Europe.
We will unlock your Seller account within 5 working days and you will be allowed to inbound eligible dangerous goods with FBA.

Name: [John Doe]
Company: [Company Name]
Email: [email address]
Reference ID: [Alphanumeric ID]

We wish you further success with FBA.

With best regards,
Your Amazon Team

However, up until now, I have not been able to add any of items marked as “Hazmat” to the shipment plan.


Hi Kiki,

would you be able to update us on your status, at the moment I am still waiting as well.

all my goods are classified as dangerous goods.


I’m still waiting for invitation.


Seller Support always reply with the same “unfortunately the pilot program is not accepting referrals at the moment” message.

Eventually you will get the “Do you want to enrol now?” email with the short questionnaire. Ours took about 6 months of requesting to be invited once a month, but as others have reported on these forums there seem to have been a number invited to join over the past few weeks so it may have just opened up again.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire then 4-5 days later you should get the message confirming acceptance in the Dangerous Goods Program for Europe.

It then takes about 2-3 days for your seller account to actually reflect the changes and you can then start to create shipments of hazmat items.

You mentioned you received the acceptance email two weeks ago, so could it be you are already set up for it but just need to have the individual products reviewed? It takes them up a couple of weeks to review the SDS/etc before you can ship. (You can send the information in in advance of joining the program to speed this up.)


Hi guys,

I have a question regarding amazon hazmat,

my products are same type (with lithium ion) and of course it is hazmat,

when I listed my products, 2 of them are not FBA yet (I could not convert them to FBA)

but one of them is actually FBA? and I did not convert it.

It was automatic FBA, and I did not send any products yet.

My question would be,

can I start sending my products through FBA yet? ( just 1 that specific product)?

another thing is that, when I checked the ASIN for that 1 fba product, it is a dangerous goods.

I am not sure whats happening, and any advise would be great.

I will also give the screen shot here.

Please do share your experience and advises.

Thank you