Anyone Registered for the New German Tax Certificate now in Jan 2019?


It goes without saying that IF you want to carry on selling, then you are being forced (it would seem) to register for VAT. SO yes, being forced.


On Amazon.
You can carry on selling on other sites if they do not have the same rule.
No one is being forced to register for VAT against their will.


Were is the face palm emoji?


Right here


It seems like a bonkers isolationist move.
I can understand them being concerned about the current Chinese seller invasion, but I’m not yet convinced it will be necessary for EU sellers.
If Amazon does decide to enforce this rule I’ll just remove Germany from the countries I ship to. I could quite easily live without selling to Germany. I do get a few sales there but not enough to go through the hassle of registering with a foreign tax authority.


Don’t bother, they will do that for you as soon as the deadline comes round.
[By shutting DE off for you I mean as per their notification]


Possibly, what are the chances of all the other EU marketplaces following suit. As the Uk is leaving the EU it should hardly come as a surprise.


Agree - although, it seems you don’t need to be VAT registered in DE, the showstopper is if we need to be “tax registered”, the application requires a DE address, which most of us do not have!!.
Other sellers are saying the address requirement is only if you are not in EU - but I think we need much more information and clarity, as soon there will be very few selling in DE otherwise!!


I don’t think there is anything difficult to understand about it - but the application form expects it! I shall fill it in with N/A :wink:


Which means, as it stands, that you have a very limited time now to get the certificate without needing the German address.
My advice would be to apply whilst the UK is still part of the EU so that you have your certificate already in place before Brexit changes the requirement.


Then you will probably get rejcted!


This shows that Steuernummer (tax number) is different to VAT number (USt-IdNr), and the Steuernummer comes first.
Therefore it is possible to obtain the Steuernummer without registering for VAT. And it is the Steuernummer which is required for the new tax certificate, not VAT number.



uuggghh, so do we need to register for VAT or not lol. The conflicting information on here continues.


Anyone have a form to get Steuernummer number?



This one is for the tax certificate, not Steuernummer


I am looking at this:


Doozy, your link goes to the wrong form unless you want to be VAT registered as well

The Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung is the document you must fill to become a freelancer or start a business in Germany. You submit this form to the tax office (Finanzamt), and a few weeks later, you get a VAT number and a tax number (Steuernummer). This guide will help you fill this form line by line, in plain English.

Tracey’s link above is correct as it is for the Tax Registration form alone


I thought that you had to be VAT registered?