Appealing “Used Sold As New” Customer Product Condition Complaints


The defects will normally stay showing on your Account Health Dashboard, just for your records.

However, they will no longer affect your account.


Hi All

We are a single product business that got hit with the ‘used sold as new’ complaint. As per this forum and other threads, we have submitted a full plan including information of how we have put process in to avoid what we think happened in the first place. This started on 24th Aug. Following an initial response showing an address discrepency, we proved that our addresses had changed and we consistent and re-submitted with updated details. Since early Sept I have sent over 3 emails to PQ and no response. Ive followed up with help from Seller Performance policy and No response. I really dont know what else to do and could do with some advice…
Pre Xmas is our key sales period and we have stock arriving and our biggest sales channel has disappeared. For context weve been selling the same product for 7 years with no problems ever.


We had a plan of action approved on the 6.10.2019 and they said we could continue selling the products in question. The ASIN’s still have not been re-activated. I messaged the product review team to inform them of this however I have not had a reply.

Why can they not re-activate the ASIN’S at the same time they approve the plan of action?


yes had this issue on 2 items, messaged multiple times to seller central and to product review still remained inactive despite the successful appeal.
Other sellers saying pressing edit worked, didn’t for me. Only work around i found you can add a new product with the same ASIN should relist.

***Only do this if you have had the message from product review stating the ASIN has been re-instated


Thanks for the advice Home_Treats1. I clicked edit, went into the listing and made a small change. Clicked save and it worked. Without making a small change to any part of the listing and just clicking edit alone did not work.

Thanks again.


That’s a really useful tip, thank you for sharing it.


I have used your templates more then once and it worked for me .
I am manufacturing my own products and have submitted more then once invoices from suppliers for parts .
Lately they started rejecting my POA with the answer
ASIN is not on the invoices .

Any suggestions? Thank


The response indicates that the product name on the detail page doesn’t match what is displayed as corresponding to the ASIN on your invoices.

You will need to update the listings to ensure that the product name is exactly the same.

As otherwise, Amazon will reject the invoices with the message which you received.


You are correct
They details are not the same but what I try to explain
Is that I buy paper glass and wood
And make with them a different product .
So unless I produce an invoice myself for the manufactured goods they will not accept it ?

By the way they did accept them last times but now for some reason started to reject them


That is exactly what you should do, as the manufacturer…


You as the manufacturer can create invoices for this purpose.

If you need help, here is an example template:


Thank you for your help
It really appreciated .


I have sent an invoice with me as the manufacturer and received this reply …

"We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listings at this time. We cannot accept this invoice because we are unable to verify the supplier.

What happens now?
Your listings for the below item(s) will remain inactive. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may deactivate your Amazon seller account."


It sounds like for some reason, Amazon isn’t recognizing the invoice. Do you have an official website as the manufacturer?


no I don’t - only a retail website.
and the Asin is listed under my registered brand on amazon with a trade mark as well .

very frustrating .


Amazon needs to verify the validity of your information and this requires a website.


We initially received the same message

"We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listings at this time. We cannot accept this invoice because we are unable to verify the supplier.

We updated our invoices as our address had changed, but our last submission was all correct. We buy the products from a Hong Kong trading company and have done the same for the last 7 years. We submitted the invoices with EAN & Descriptions and our company details but havent had a response since 9th Sept.

Any other suggestions?


If you haven’t received any response, try resubmitting everything again.

But if you already received Amazon’s final decision stating that they may not respond to additional e-mails regarding the matter, this would explain why are you not getting any feedback.


Hi Kika
Ive now resubmitted everything 3 times in total since early September. Is there anything else I can do?


If you haven’t received any response for more than a month, you could try escalating the matter by e-mailing