Apply for a chance to win a €100,000 prize and one year of free access to Amazon Launchpad!


The applications for our second annual Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards will be closing soon, on May 29, 2022.

Apply now for a chance to win the grand prize that includes €100,000, one year of free access to Amazon Launchpad, a featured seller placement on the Amazon Launchpad landing page, and more. Twenty finalists will receive a featured seller placement on the Amazon Launchpad landing page, a licence to use the awards logo and more.

The Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards is a free competition that recognises outstanding innovations from small and medium businesses based in Europe and the UK. The awards were created to support brands who delight Amazon customers with new and innovative products.

Think you have what it takes? Apply for the Innovation Awards before May 29, 2022.

To apply, businesses must be the brand owner of the product entered; be registered in either the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland; employ fewer than 250 people; and have an annual turnover of less than €50 million.

For more information, go to Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards.

Terms and conditions apply.


I love it when he Amazon has a free competition that recognizes small and medium businesses, but i don t like the fact that only companies who have their own brand can enter. there is a huge number of small business people here who sells on OTHER peoples brands and so it seems we cannot enter.
i mean it Amazon`s money, but why not open another competition where you as a small company gets help to promote and run their business.
not all of us have the resources to start a brand. however, i hope someone wins the prize and buys a new lock up or unit (or sports car).


Is this the real reason for these awards… or is this so that Amazon can get lots of new product ideas for free which they will then steal and produce their own versions of?

Excuse my cynicism but Amazon do have a reputation for using their sellers as guinea pigs.

And why are these awards only for European and UK sellers?

If Amazon don’t rip these innovations off themselves, is there perhaps another possibliity? Are they hoping that their friends from outside Europe will do it instead?

Given Amazon’s lack of support for brands, I personally would be very wary about launching a new innovation on Amazon.

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