Approved but handmade locked


Hi I received an email last weekend that I was approved for amazon handmade. When I tried to add a product, the handmade categories were still locked and my services at setting is still Amazon Professional. Can anyone help? My account has already been verified.


Have you completed your Makers profile?

Sometimes, some services are not available until you complete the profile. Just one thing to look at/exclude if necessary.

Also, are you on the right country platform (dropdown at top of seller central) that you’re accepted for?


Thank you so much for your reply! I clicked on your link and it says invalid access, that I do not have permissions to view this page.
My location is set right.
I was so excited to get the approval and little did I know it was only the beginning haha


Hmm, odd.

If you’re new to Amazon, a word of warning. When contacting Seller Support by opening a case (go to Help > Get Support then drill down), word your email very VERY carefully and concisely and clearly as if you’re explaining it to a 5 yr old.

There’s doubt most emails even get read. Just automated bot replies. Then you may also get answers to Qs you didn’t ask - again and again and again. The support is appalling most of the time. Not always, but be prepared.


Thank you so much for your tip! I raised a case and was quite thorough with my explanation and it turns out I was approved but not registered so they had to manually do that. I can make my maker profile now yay

Cannot List in handmade

Talking about Seller Support. I have been battling with them for some time now with no success.
Is there any way for responding to the Performance Notification from 31 December 2020?
Is there any way of contacting Amazon Hand Made directly?


Help - Need More Help - Selling on Handmade. You can request a call back and they are really efficient.