Are Handmade products eligible for Deals?


I received an email a couple of weeks ago from Amazon Handmade, suggesting ways to get ready for the holiday season. One of the tools it suggested was to run Deals, so I clicked on the link to the Deals page, only to find that none of my products were available on that page. Nothing even came up when I searched for them via the ASIN.

Feeling curious (and optimistic) I asked the Amazon help people why none of my products were showing on the Deals page. I told them I’d checked the eligibility criteria on this page: and that my shop and products seem to fit the requirements.

They responded the same day with - you’ll never believe this :wink: - a response that was basically copied and pasted from the eligibility-criteria page that I’d specifically told them I’d read.

So I’ve come to the experts to ask my question instead!

So I was wondering if:

  1. I’ve misunderstood something? or
  2. Deals don’t apply to Handmade items? or
  3. if it’s just (sigh) “one of those Amazon things”?



It looks to me like only two of your products meet the criteria of having at least a 3 star rating. For those two I would wager it is the lack of a reference price that makes you ineligible.


Thanks! So it was definitely me missing something. Knew I should have come here first instead of asking Amazon helpers :smiley:

I was assuming that the “reference price” was the RRP price that I entered when I originally set up the inventory, but I guess it’s not that then…?


Amazon say somewhere that they need to verify a reference price in order for an ASIN to be eligible for a deal. I have no idea how they do that, especially for handmade products that may only be sold here. You may need someone who sells in handmade to confirm whether it’s even possible.


Thanks again, @Demel. Silly me for thinking that because Amazon Handmade sent me the email that their tip might actually work for Handmade sellers!


Handmade do deals. But if I recall, only FBA qualified asins.


Cheers, @HS-PICKLES. Woo, still a bit mysterious then, because it’s my FBA items that I’m wanting to apply a deal to.


Ah, correction, just checked out previous deals. We had 1 FBM asin which was in a deal.

But yes, handmade qualify for deals. But not all asins will qualify. How Amz classified which asin qualifies is a mystery to me.
Go to Create a Deal, select All Deal types…it will then show which asins you can submit for deals.

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