Are reviews anonymous?


I always thought that product reviews are anonymous and if you don’t use your actual name in the review, the seller can’t identify you.

I left a 3 star review yesterday with just initials as the reviewer name and lo and behold, today I was contracted by the seller. Not a problem, they offered help regarding the review but as a seller, I would like to know how they were able to do it.

It was a high sales volume charger for a phone so not easy to go through all returns and match the review to the return details but not impossible.

Does anyone have any clues?


No, I haven’t left feedback.


Thanks WGLtroll for your comment, you couldn’t be more wrong though.

It was a genuine review for something I bought, that’s the point of reviews isn’t it? I don’t sell electronics.

But I am interested to know if reviews are anonymous, as I always thought they were.
You must have had reviews on your own products that you wish you could contact the customers about? Or maybe all your products are perfect?


Maybe you left Feedback around the same time and the seller took an educated guess ?


why would you want to know? Sounds like you are another clown who leaves fake reviews on competitors


It depends on the Reviewer. You have the option to give it as ‘Anonymous’ or give your name. You must have given your name and the seller would have looked it up in their order history and found you and contacted to resolve the issue for you it appears.

Just look up your reviewer profile - the public profile and see the settings there.


Yes, it does show as a comment on the review but it also automatically sends a message to the reviewer to their private email saying that you have received a message/comment (address hidden of course) is that not what you got? If not, sorry if I misunderstood.
Still, nice to know that we can reply to those unjust reviews - before trying to get them removed!


For a product review you can call yourself what you like. Many just leave it as “Amazon Customer” but whatever they are called if you click on their name (or Amazon customer) all their reviews will show.
As a seller all you need do is find your product amongst their reviews and click on the little arrow that shows to the right of each review. This gives you the facility to post a message or comment to the reviewer without knowing who they are or any other of their personal details – so yes, you remain anonymous Rugsy as they can’t identify you, but you are still “contactable”.

Trust this answered your question.


Thanks Tracey, I got a bit excited there as I thought that was the answer but that only let’s you post a message or reply onto the review.

This was an actual message received in my messages.

I think I will ask the actual seller how they do it.


Thats the Amazon messaging service for you! The reason I know a message is sent to the reviewer’s private email address is because I received one,
(not from the seller) but from another customer who agreed with my review and who was also happy with the product (a satellite box receiver in this case)


I just checked the review I left and there is certainly a comment by the seller but I never received this. I don’t believe that comments are emailed to the reviewer.

The comment said (words to that effect):

Sorry to hear etc etc, our products are guaranteed etc and we have sent you an email etc.


De rien - You’re welcome!


Thanks for all your help anglo.

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