ASIN is a prohibited dangerous good (hazmat) and cannot be fulfilled or returned by Amazon. Existing inventory needs to be destroyed


Good morning. Again I get an automatic answer from Amazon “ ASIN is a prohibited dangerous good (hazmat) and cannot be fulfilled or returned by Amazon. Existing inventory needs to be destroyed. “ but before I decide to sell thru FBA I meet all requirements, send additional product information and they accept this. There is many similar on Amazon. After positive decision I bough a product, pay for it and pay for delivery and FBA. I can’t accept this automatic answers and don’t agree to destroy my stock. What can I do now? Anyone can help please?


What is the item, and what is the hazard?


Hi. Thank you for a quick reply. I just get this information:
“ ASIN: B081375JY8 -
In this regard, I would like to inform you that I have raised the concern to our Fulfilment center team and they have provided us an information that the ASIN is a prohibited dangerous good (hazmat) and cannot be fulfilled or returned by Amazon. Existing inventory needs to be destroyed.“


Yes, but YOU know what the goods are, so could tell us…


Silicon sealant.
I really can’t see that would be classified as Hazmat.
I’m guessing that you haven’t provided either an exemption for it, or SDS sheets.
That is what they will need from you, in order to have it classified properly.

Without them, you are really not going to get very far.


Find attached photo please.


I provide all sheets and they approve them.


If that is the case, then there is something else going on here.
What exactly have Amazon told you?
Have you had any specific notifications from them?


Is it possible that one of the ingredients/components is now classified as Hazmat, but when the original application was made it was not?


They send me just this email which I attached above. I tried to write with them but third time in a row they send me just the same automatic response. Is there any chance to contact them by chat or phone?


I’m sorry, but your not making sense.
The email you have written above, looks to be in response to something you have sent.
What has actually happened, to create the situation?

You must have some sort of notification from Amazon, telling you this.

It just doesn’t add up otherwise. Your saying it was approved and SDS etc accepted.
How do you know this?


Neil. When I decide to sell this product thru FBA and try to list it Amazon asked me for more information about dangerous hazard and I send them technical information sheet from factory which they after few days approved and allow me to send inventory to Amazon warehouse in Bristol. After few days and few psc sold I recognised that my product is inactive and that’s why I have asked them for explanation. And I get this answer from mail above.


You need to open a case with seller support. I`m in the s… right now. Amazon send me an automatic email to be my product hazmat but actually they put it on hold due to lack of 5 languages translations. After a third case opened someone finally get me the answer. I would suggest to open another case, upload SDS document against this ASIN again. By the way you should still have an option to create a removal order.


We are part of an FBA Hazmat pilot program on our account. We’re currently shipping aerosols fba via this pilot. We can also sell DG via Vendor Central. I’d be happy to discuss us selling your items for you, if you want.


Am I reading this correctly Roger, you have shortened Regards to Regs?
Reminds me of the Only Fools & Horses scene were Del falls through the bar, thank you I’m honestly crying with laughter.


Perhaps the stock you sent to FBA - the sealant has started leaking from the tube? How did you prepare your stock before sent to FBA? There are Prep guidelines to follow in the Shipment Creation process…

Sealant could be classed the same as Paint… which needs a lot of additional packaging to avoid spillages in the FBA process


May I ask who you use for shipment? We’re getting conflicting advice from carriers. We’re looking for a carrier to ship to an Amazon FC. We’re on the pilot scheme too (very niche, so I doubt a competitor).
Any advice will be appreciated.


I would have thought Nail Polish sold in packs of 24, 48 and 52 would be would be more hazmat than silicone.


If you ask a carrier if they carry product xyz they will usually say no. It’s easier to say no than look into it properly! What is it you are trying to ship?


Amazons bots are quite stupid really. There is a jacket I sell that comes up as hazmat if anyone wants to return it.