ASIN(s) suppression due to safety and/or non-compliance issue(s)


I am hoping someone has some experience here. We have been randomly hit with a suppression… seems to be other sellers and listings affected in our category too, however we are a brand owner and only seller our our particular product. Amazon seems to think our product has had a product recall, yet we have no information about this and can not find any. As far as we are aware our product is not subject to any product recall. I supplied amazon last year with compliance documents showing markings on products and such… images etc and supplied a declaration of conformity. They asked for some things again and supplied the images, DOC and everything else. But they are now asking for:

We request you to please submit some additional information so we can address your concerns

  • Statement responding to the recall reason - must explain possible causes and show corrective actions

How are we supposed to respond to this? We already mentioned to seller support our issue and that we believe they may have mistaken our product with another? Any advice would be much appreciated.


When you appeal this from the account health page, does it give you the option to select " I believe this has been suppressed in error"? (or something along those lines)

We often get surprise notifications to say a glass has been flagged for food safety, or something needs jewellery documents, even though it is definitely not jewellery.


Yeah I believe I tried that first and it opened the case, but seems to have not resolved the issue. I feel like I am going in circles with support.


Hey @Promotionals,

Any updates with this? Was there any further communication?


We have been going in circles with support, is there anything you can do to help ?