Ask Amazon: Learn about the Send to Amazon workflow


Learn about our FBA shipment-creation workflow, Send to Amazon, at the Ask Amazon event on June 28, 2022.

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT) on our US seller forums page, moderators and product-assurance experts will answer your questions.

We’ll also discuss how Send to Amazon will replace the Send/replenish inventory workflow on September 1, 2022.

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For more information, go to Create shipments with Send to Amazon.


We tried the new workflow again today and it is not workable for us. We have so many ASIN’s and send a lot with low volumes and it doesn’t work for sellers like us. Please Amazon, what is the harm in leaving the old version up there? This is so user unfriendly it is painful to use. Don’t change something that is easy and user friendly into something that is the opposite


I tend to agree with the above. This seems to be simple enough for single SKU case packed products. But the sending in multiple SKU’s it seems very clunky and adds extra un necessary steps.


I agree. It is much more complicated to use and I prefer the old one.


Unless I’m doing it wrong, I can’t see one single simple list of the products currently in my shipment and then add to it as I go. I can only see what I’m currently searching for. This is incredibly annoying.


I can’t see how it works with pallets.
I ship single items onto a pallet.
I can’t get past the ‘number of items in a box’ and the box dimensions even though I don’t pack into boxes

Am I expected to put the box size of every single product and then put a sticker on every single product even though they all have the manufacturers barcode and there can be 500+ items in a shipment?

Seller support doesn’t seem to understand the problem and (as usual) keeps going around in circles sending standard reply A, then I say the problem is this so they send standard reply B, and then state the problem again and it goes back to standard reply A, again.


As always the software has been design by someone who is not an Amazon seller. Has no real world experience of shipping items to amazon. It should be easy… scan the item… prompt for quantity… print the labels (if required) … if an special prep required prompt the user (but have a default setting on NO Prep) …automatically add it to the box / pallet!


Someone from seller support finally seems to understand the problem.

Despite not packing into boxes and sending up to 500 items with manufacturers barcode it’s looking like we will have to list the dimensions and weight of each product and add a ‘box’ label to each individual item .

This is totally impractical and unless things change we will stop sending pallets and run down our FBA stock from 1st September.


@Neil covered it on the other thread


The point is, I don’t pack them into boxes. They are individually put on pallets.
The way the new workflow is that I can’t get past 1b until I put all the box dimensions in.
Therefore, as it stands, I do have to put up to 500 items sizes and label each.
There seems to be no way to skip this and go straight to pallet weights and dimensions


It’s really not difficult.
It is one product per box X 500 items.
You do not put box labels on each one, even though the process will produce them.


Thanks Neil, that’s reassuring although it looks like I still have to enter the box dimensions for each sku to get past 1b.


No, you put in the dimensions of the single item. Then give it a quantity, or 10/20/100 and so on.


Sorry Neil, I assumed that but I can still have up to 100 skus so it’s still time consuming.

I’ll check to see whether I can set the standard size for each sku just the once so it’s doesn’t need to be entered every shipment


We are the same. I cannot use it!


You can apparently create box templates. Not that I have, as I still use the old method.
But if you have a lot, then that’s probably the way to go.


that’s what I need too


If you’re sending individual items, and on the list of ASINs you’re sending, it says they’re prepped and labelled by the seller, how do you change it to prep and label by Amazon? (screenshot below)




the new “workflow” is a total nightmare, a typical amazon thoughtless disaster that probably suits them and as usual nobody else.

why fix something that aint broken