Ask questions to Amazon about the Seller Mobile App


The option to search by sku on the manage orders page would be useful


and the ability to filter by ASIN.


where can I download it? Search AMAZON SELLER APP in Apple store for me as a iPhone user?


Really feel the app should have an auto log out feature like banking apps and use touch ID or face ID etc to log back in.


The app under account health also shows
“Suspected Intellectual Property Infringements” as a label - this is not accessible on seller central and only appears on the app (it is present on seller central)
so not a bug in the app but an issue with seller central not matching up.


Is Amazon planning to offer sellers the option of being able to receive notifications about each of their regional Seller Accounts at the same time, therefore Europe, USA, Japan, Australia etc., without having to log out and switch?

The current state makes them decide, which account to use and there is no way how to be notified about other Amazon sites.

Pictured the login screen, prompting to select just one marketplace:



I love the app but it would be great if I could move images around more easily. If I want to add a new image as my main image it does not let me move the original main image - I have to delete it and then re-upload it! : )


I have an ipad pro however the seller app does not allow you to view the full screen. Can you tell me if this is a feature that you will be working on.


Can we not have the emails from all customers in all selling zones go into one, currently you have to change zones to check if you have mail from France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc.



Could someone please advise the key benefits of using the App on your mobile phone to using a PC? for example process orders? Add new products etc?


No benefits.

It’s purpose is to allow you get notifications or perform basic account management using a mobile device.

Some sellers limit themselves to the Seller App while being on a vacation, just so they can answer customer messages without having to use a computer.

You will still need to access the desktop version as the app isn’t supposed to be a replacement.

Personally, as someone who only has an iPad, I always found uploading pictures and creating new listings to be much faster on the app as compared to the regular Seller Central.


Ability to change the notification sound!


Sort out the problems with having to delete part of an email when you are replying to a customer as it’s limited to 4k characters!

No feedback link in AAP to mark performance of seller

Notifications on EU VAT payment dates. Tick boxes to remember which ones I’ve paid.


I completely agree - its a real obstacle


Thank you for the info.


Could we have the ability to disemburse from the app?


Could we make it easier to issue refunds from the app?


Unless I’m completely blind, there does not seem to be a way in the App to switch on Holiday Settings. Surely a prerequisite as you will have the phone on you should you be runover by a bus and need to turn sales off …

Also, portrait and landscape mode. In Android you can download a screen lock thing to change aspect, but if it was configured for tablet mode, it would be much more useful.

Thanks …


I know you want us to stay on topic but please can we have more of these topic specific ‘Ask Amazon’ threads?

Most of the time we feel ignored and that Amazon doesn’t care, so this would be a refreshing change that could drive some positive improvements… :smiley: