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I have an ipad pro however the seller app does not allow you to view the full screen. Can you tell me if this is a feature that you will be working on.


Can we not have the emails from all customers in all selling zones go into one, currently you have to change zones to check if you have mail from France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc.



Could someone please advise the key benefits of using the App on your mobile phone to using a PC? for example process orders? Add new products etc?


No benefits.

It’s purpose is to allow you get notifications or perform basic account management using a mobile device.

Some sellers limit themselves to the Seller App while being on a vacation, just so they can answer customer messages without having to use a computer.

You will still need to access the desktop version as the app isn’t supposed to be a replacement.

Personally, as someone who only has an iPad, I always found uploading pictures and creating new listings to be much faster on the app as compared to the regular Seller Central.


Ability to change the notification sound!


Sort out the problems with having to delete part of an email when you are replying to a customer as it’s limited to 4k characters!

No feedback link in AAP to mark performance of seller

Notifications on EU VAT payment dates. Tick boxes to remember which ones I’ve paid.


I completely agree - its a real obstacle


Thank you for the info.


Could we have the ability to disemburse from the app?


Could we make it easier to issue refunds from the app?


Unless I’m completely blind, there does not seem to be a way in the App to switch on Holiday Settings. Surely a prerequisite as you will have the phone on you should you be runover by a bus and need to turn sales off …

Also, portrait and landscape mode. In Android you can download a screen lock thing to change aspect, but if it was configured for tablet mode, it would be much more useful.

Thanks …


I know you want us to stay on topic but please can we have more of these topic specific ‘Ask Amazon’ threads?

Most of the time we feel ignored and that Amazon doesn’t care, so this would be a refreshing change that could drive some positive improvements… :smiley:


Come to the Amazon USA Seller Forum, we are getting these official “Q&A” threads every week.

Firstly, I was surprised by seeing this here, but then I realised that there was an Amazon HQ event last week in London, where sellers were giving Amazon feedback about the Seller App, so I thought that this is the reason why they posted a thread in the UK as well. An identical one was published on the USA Forum at the same time.

And there is still one official Amazon event regarding the Seller App to take place on 3.May. It looks like this time they simply decided to work with European sellers…


Will we ever be able to change shipping templates for listing on the App?


I have the same issue. When I open it, it often comes up blank until I go to the menu “refreshing it”


Hi all,

Thank you for your participation in this thread. It will now be closed and the Amazon Seller mobile app team will review the questions. We will post answers to questions selected by the team by May 10th.

Thanks again,

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Dear Sellers,

Thank you for taking the time to ask questions about the Amazon Seller app. Seller feedback is a big part of our planning process and your comments help us identify the most important features to launch next. So, keep it coming! You can always submit additional comments or feedback directly via the app by selecting “Send Us App Feedback” from the top left (‘hamburger’) menu.

The Seller App helps you monitor the health of your business and provide great customer service, including the ability to respond to buyer messages on the go. Sellers who use the app have been shown to have a higher seller rating than those who do not.

To keep up on what’s new with the app, make sure you have the latest version (iOS, Android and stay tuned for updates via Seller News. We will also launch in-app tutorials for can’t-miss feature updates.

Like talking to us?

A number of your questions were requests for features in the app. We’ll start with the questions, and we’ve grouped the feature requests afterwards for readability.

**1. “Why are some items in the ‘hamburger menu’ and others on the main screen, with some items on both? There doesn’t seem to be any logic to it.” - @BarryM, UK
Our goal is to ensure our tools are easy to find and our experiences are consistent across devices so we modeled some of our in-app navigation based on the Seller Central website design. Items in the top left menu (also known as the hamburger menu) reflect the tabs on the top of the Seller Central website. The items on the app home screen are secondary navigation items, which you can view by hovering over the tabs on the Seller Central website. We will revisit this app navigation as we release new features in order to provide quick access to critical business workflows as they become available.

2. “I would like to see business reports folded into the app. It’s a pain to have to go to the mobile site to get quick business report information.” - @GotIt_Products, USA
Amazonians love data and we agree that the app is a great tool to help you see the status of your business at a glance. We are actively working on making more metrics available.

Today, you can use the sales charts on the home screen to analyze your sales. Tap a bar in the sales chart to see sales by ASIN. Then, tap again a specific ASIN to see the sales trend for that particular ASIN. Tap the settings wheel to select the date range or units.

Tip: to compare today’s sales against the same day last week, tap the settings wheel and select “Last 30 days”.

3. Current Balance shows next estimated disbursement amount and not actual balance. Could both be displayed? - @BarryM, UK
Not right now. In the mobile app we display the current balance and next disbursement date for standard orders, but not for invoiced orders as these balances can have different disbursement dates. The current balance displayed is the same as shown in Seller Central for standard orders and may vary from the amount transferred based on new activity in your seller account, including: product sales, fees, refunds, chargebacks, and A-to-z Guarantee claims. For details on Pay by Invoice, see our help page.

4. “Is it possible to put the carrier tracking number and mark it ship on the Amazon seller App?” - @Deep_Discount_Center, USA
Yes, it is possible to add tracking information and confirm a shipment in the app. For merchant fulfilled unshipped orders, tap ‘Manage Orders’ and then tap ‘Confirm Shipment’ to enter ship date, carrier, shipping service, and tracking ID.

5. Is it possible to increase the size of the fonts for older sellers?" - @Deep_Discount_Center, USA
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We tested the font size control on Android and iOS and discovered that the iOS version of the Seller App does not support font size accessibility. Our team is working to correct this, and we will support using larger font sizes on iOS this year.

To change the font size on Android: Open the “Settings” menu on your Android device. Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility”, tap “Font Size”, and modify the font to your desired setting. This same font size will be used in the Amazon Seller App.

Features in the works

• A link for each item in your inventory that will direct to the product’s page on Amazon. @PattyEsc, USA
• The ability to view multiple Amazon stores (e.g., United States, France, and Japan) in the app without signing out. @Nomad, USA; @Western_Outlets, USA
• Receiving push notifications for multiple Amazon stores without signing out. @Angelic_Pretty, USA
• The ability to view and reply to support cases within the app. @Nomad, USA

Features we plan to build next

• Visibility into categories and products requiring approval & the ability to apply for approval directly within the app. @PattyEsc, USA
• Displaying more detailed information regarding account deactivation in the Account Health section of the app. @WillsFamilyStore, USA

Features we will evaluate for future development

• Notifications when you have a new product review or seller feedback. @heritage_wholesale_, USA; @SDC, USA; @Nomad, USA
• Buyer Seller Messages unified inbox for all Amazon stores (e.g., Australia, Germany, Mexico) you sell in. @The_Seal_Extrusion_C, UK
• The ability to add keywords and create new advertising campaigns. @CableDude, USA
• The ability to scroll to see if you are the featured offer in the Buy Box. @TheGreaterGood, USA Read more about things you can do to increase your chances of being the featured offer.
• View the status and tracking of customer returns. @Shubhangi_Kitchenwar, India
• Toggling Seller Fulfilled Prime on/off. @papyrophilia, USA
• Browsing and commenting in the Amazon Seller Forums. @DK_DESIGNER, USA
• Printing packing slips and buy shipping for multiple orders in one action. @RobertAtIVC, USA
• A-to-z Claims notifications and details. @Curios_House, UK

Want to talk to another team at Amazon in the next Q&A? Tell us which team here.

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