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I have enrolled my brand to amazon but am unable to attach this to my product ASIN. I have deleted the listing to try and relist with my attached brand, and given SKU although this has not been possible. Does anyone know how to get around this?


You can’t delete a listing once it has been created.
What you have probably done, is to delete the SKU on your listing.
Doing this, will have absolutely no effect on the listing itself.

As to the brand, unless it matches exactly what your brand name is, on the listing itself and brand registry, you probably won’t be able to link the two together.
This is one of the drawbacks of listing prior to registration.

So for example, if you have the listing giving a brand of “Joe Bloggs” and your brand name is “Joseph Bloggs”, you probably won’t be able to change the listing to match.


is there anyway to attach my brand name to an existing product? this is all im trying to do.


You can sometimes get SS to change the brand name on an existing product if you can provide proof it was branded incorrectly in the first place.

You are unlikely to change the listing yourself you will need the help of SS.

You can try the automated fix a product tool as well. On the main page in the search box type in ‘Change Product’ and you will get a screen giving you instructions. Often though this just says No or raises a case with SS to review.


Hi @ Managework,

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Below you can find more information regarding editing listing:

Register products to your brand

I believe that this instruction applies to your scenario:

" Certain attributes, such as product type and brand name, are non-editable once a listing is live. If you want to update a non-editable attribute, you must delete the listing, wait 24 hours and then create a new listing with the updated information."

Please let me know if this is the information you were looking for :slight_smile:

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Hi @Julia_Amazon ,
The company I work for is the owner of the brand and the same brand name is on the product, still, they are not being identified as the same. For example, I can´t modify our A+ content. It says, “you are unable to add content to this ASIN because our system does not recognise this ASIN as part of your brand”.

And I am not adding A+ content to the ASIN, I am modifying the A+ content I created before.

How this is possible?


Hi @ Smithe,

Thank you for coming back with the update :slight_smile:

I can see that your case is still under review and it has been forwarded to a relevant department, which will help you to solve this issue.

I will keep an eye on your claim.

Please let me know whenever you receive more information from the Amazon agent.

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