Attachments in messages to customers gone?


I’ve just tried to send a proof of Image to a customer and it appears that option has now been removed? Anyone know since when and does this also mean customers can’t send me images of faulty goods so that I don’t have to get them to return the item instead? We sell low value items and it’s not worth the hassle for the customer to send it back or for us to pay return postage so we normally as for an image then refund or replace


It’s been like that for quite a while now.

I think it also applies to buyers as well which is a shame because I sometimes asked for pics to save them sending defective stuff back. However, it’s against Amazon policy to ask buyers for images so if you get a buyer that complains, you could run into problems with Amazon.


No, it’s simply against policy to insist on pictures before accepting a return/refund request.


I never insist on it, I offer it as an option to speed up a resolution for them and it’s never been an issue with any customer - if anything they’re much happier to do it that way than to wait for it to come back to me before I give a replacement or refund. Oddly enough, I contacted a couple of customers earlier and it did offer the attachment option to one, but not the other…very odd