Authenticity claim POA


Hi Just got a notice that one of our listings was removed due to client complaint that it is not authentic
now of course it is and it is backed by dealer certificate and manufacturer invoice
now i am having a problem what POA to write

root cause: is client miss judgment (not sure if i can write that)
The actions taken to resolve the issue that caused the complaint: what do i write here? what can i do except prove that it is authentic? i cant pin this on shipment damage as it is FBA product

any assistance will be appreciated


This is Amazon. You are guilty of the breach because a buyer said so. Your POA must thus not blame the buyer. You have to provide an explanation of what steps you have taken to remedy this policy breach and what steps you have put in place to prevent it re-ocurring.
You have of course obtained (and attach pdfs of) the relevant certificates etc. You have ensured that you will always have stock sourced from licensed dealers.
Kafka ain’t in it.
Be brief. Bullet points. Apologise and grovel a bit, stating that you take these policies seriously blah blah.


this is sad, i actually followed the advise of craptomer support they told me to simply send invoices and that a POA is not really necessary…20 min later i got the answer that basically said where the fk is the POA?

in any case i am stuck on what to say the root cause is. if i cant say that it is a misjudgment of the customer what else can i write? and how the hell am i suppose to know why the guy decided to say it is fake?



I am afraid that you need to accept that you are “at fault”. Stupid I know, but sadly that is how Amazon operates - robots rule


Damaged packaging?
Not exactly matching the listing image?
There will be at least one thing, probably more that you can put down as the reason, and then work out the root cause of “Why”
Why was the packaging damaged/, insufficient amount or quality? Poor choice of courier [although if FBA that won’t be an option]
And if it didn’t exactly match the listing then why not?

Work out a root cause then follow your plan through to show how you reacted to resolve the immediate issues, and how you plan to evolve moving forward.


thanks i know and hate that. on AMZ message it had part of the customer complaint is said its fake though the package looks real
any thoughts on what to pin this? was FBA


You don’t do commingled, do you?


Not sure, where do check that? i labeled the products but it gave me an AISN not FNSKU


Also the only other FBA is legit i know for sure


Hi Mikko90210,

After reviewing your post, I wanted to assist you with some issues you have regarding the Authenticity Complaints.

Generally, the plan needs to be structured, concise, and definitive about the issues identified within your account. I suggest following these guidelines from now on:

  1. The root cause of the issue. (after reviewing your current business model and processes, why do you believe customers submitted claims about authenticity?)
  2. The steps you immediately took to resolve the root cause(s) you identified. (what have you done, and what did you change within your business model or processes to eliminate those root causes?)
  3. How you will avoid similar issues from happening again (Provide a timeline. Think long-term.)

Aside from these considerations, I recommend you to read over the policy links you received along with the notification and show your understanding of them.

Can you provide us with invoices of the following requirements? (Supplier, information (name phone number, address website), Buyer information (name, phone number, address, website), Item quantities, Invoice date must be issued in the last 365 days, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF files, Should be authentic unaltered documents)

When writing your Plan of Action and looking for measures, try to reply to the following questions:

  • From where do you obtain your products?
  • What are the proactive steps you are taking to ensure that they are sourced from reliable suppliers?
  • Do you check your products for authenticity and take your time for quality control?
  • Is there any recent changes made by the brand on the conditions of the product: the packaging, texture, colour, bottle, …? Some conditions of some certain products such as perfume smell can change over time; do you check expiry dates on a regular basis?
  • Does the PDP of each item in your list reflect exactly how there are?
  • If you purchase your products from abroad, do you assure that they function correctly?


Thank you Victoria

I have sold over 2000 units of that AISN it is logically that after 2000 ppl bought it that someone might misjudge it as inauthentic, doesn’t mean that we are at fault.

We are authorized and certified re sellers and source directly from the manufacturer
i have sent the relevant invoices and certificate to amazon
i have took the time to investigate this and issued a POA
the only root cause i could think of that might cause someone to misjudge it as inauthentic
is that because someone change the listing and removed most of the pictures living only one picture of the product without the package that the buyer did not know what to expect.
I have contacted the trademark owner and they didnt change it.
I dont know how could it be changed i never managed to add or remove anything from the listing


Hi Mikko90210,

For now I would suggest you to use my previous post as guidelines when writing your plan of action.

Once you have revised your plan, feel free to share with us for more feedback!


@Victoria_Amazon Hi
3 week and still no answer from amazon this is really frustrating
i have sent all required documents and no response from amazon. CS says “it take time”
someone decides that our product is inauthentic whether it is a customer or a competitor and we are guilty until proved innocent, i dont get that. if amazon wants to be sure that no one sells fake goods on there site they should supply faster support this AISN sells 5 units a day and its off for 21 days thats a lot of money this is most disrespectful


Dear Victoria_Amazon
I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. after a month and a half i have contacted seller performance team yet again to ask for an update and i received the following answer

"Dear XXX

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listings at this time. We cannot accept this invoice because it was issued after the date we specified…"

So as i understand the invoice i sent was too “new” so i have sent an invoice of an older order dated 8.2019 and received the following response exactly 5 minutes later and this time it was not addressed to us as it usually does


We received your submission but do not have sufficient information to reactivate your listings.

Why did I receive this message?
You have not sent us sufficient information that we previously requested from you. We requested this information to address the complaints we received about the authenticity of your items. For privacy reasons, we do not provide details about our investigation methods.

What happens now?
Your listings will remain deactivated and we may not respond to further emails about this issue. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may deactivate your Amazon seller account."

is this for real? could this be a mistake? there is actually 5 minutes difference from the time i sent the invoice to the response i received. i dont understand how in that time frame someone at amazon could review this and make that decision

I really dont get this and i really need all the help i can get


AI would guess a person did not review it - it would all have ben done by bots.


We’ve had similar issues over the last month or two. Customers complain ‘used sold as new’ and Amazon remove listing. We provide ‘evidence’ and invoices, even got manufacturer to vouch on our behalf. No joy - same response from Amazon. Items are low value and we normally sell 100s each a year. Complaints like ‘scratched’, but actually only the protective acetate cover, greetings cards with a small mark on the envelope (which we compensated by giving 50% refund). It is a lot easier when these things happen not to waste time trying to reactivate but simply shift the stock to eBay or the like. Approaching £1M turnover with Amazon and be treated like ‘cowboys’ is hard for even the most patient seller.


You are right it is must disrespectful it makes me re-think this whole selling on amazon phase
I like the income it brings but there is a limit to what one can take


We have a few at the moment and are deliberating what to do. Customer claiming used sold as new. Although, we have established through the customers correspondence and by his/her mistake they disclosed ordering the same item twice.

Probably (sarcasm), the intention was to see which arrived first or to use one machine as an interim measure until the other arrived. Anyhow, won’t say anything further as it is ongoing. Thankfully the carriers take pictures. Will we be able to get that across or the item re-instated?

Not holding my breath, that’s for sure


Our account was suspended on 6 December 2019 and we have sent all the receipts and invoices including our bank statement which corresponds with the receipt amount and still we get the same email from amazon.

Don’t know what else to do.


My Guess is that 90% of these claims are made by competitors
not honest clients