Auto Returns


Hi all, we have had a couple of auto authorised returns where the return has gone missing in the Hermes Depot - customer has then opened an A-Z and Amazon have refunded in full, even though we never received the goods back. On appeal Amazon uphold their decision. This is quite unbelievable. Does anyone know what we can do?


OK, so first of all, returns now should, in most cases, generate a prepaid return label (either Royal Mail Tracked 48 or Evri)

Once the customer returns, the customer should get refunded at first scan.

An A to Z shouldn’t have actually needed to be opened - if the return is lost in post, amazon policy dictates you need to claim via the courier. In Evris case, this is a maximum of £20.

If an A to Z was opened (and refund at first scan hadn’t taken place but the customer had started the return) you should still refund in full, then claim via the courier, again, as per amazon policy.


Thanks for the reply. So when we contact Evri, they say that it is not our name on the order and so only Amazon can claim. So we lose lose. We have just closed our European channels because of the need to have a return address in the home country and all of the issues with Brexit. Now this issue means that any Evri driver in the know can easily steal a parcel from a return, knowing that there is no come back. It is becoming almost impossible to sell on this channel and I do sincerely believe that it is by design.


That is a known issue. It has been brought to amazons attention and has been an issue for months. Amazon state that Evri should not refuse any refunds as that’s what the amazon policy says.

However, send any cases where this has happened to @Lucy_Amazon as they are collating the cases.

Unfortunately all you can really do is put up prices to cover your losses on Amazon. Either the customers are happy to pay the higher prices, or they buy on other channels hopefully.