Automated invoicing for NON VAT registered sellers?


Hi there,
Does anyone know of a way to automate uploading invoices for NON VAT registered sellers?
I’m completely FBA, by the way and my turnover is below the threshold for having to register for VAT.
Thanks in advance if anyone can point me in the right direction.


In a word, No.
However, you only have to upload invoices for business buyers, unless of course someone asks for one.


Thank you Neil.
I wish amazon would do the automated invoices for smaller sellers like me!


Hi Neil,
If you are non-registered vat seller, do you need to raise a non-vat invoice for business buyers? Is there any template or example to check please?


If you do not upload an invoice for any business buyer you will get a warning email from Amazon.
Use a free invoice generator like


Thank you for the reply. It is right to say that you don’t upload any invoice for the private buyers at all. The invoice should only be uploaded for the business buyers and it will be no vat invoice if you are non-vat registered seller.


That is correct, currently you only need to supply an invoice for business buyers only, if you state on the invoice (in the comments box) you are not VAT registered


You still need to provide an invoice for private buyers if they ask for one. Business buyers you have to proactively provide them.


You will probably not be having much business buyers as they can set their search settings and buy settings to exclude non vat registered sellers. So if you are selling something that could interesting for businesses, registering for VAT could be beneficial.


As far as I am aware there is no facility for automated invoices for none VAT sellers. However not many customers request invoices and if they do you can always upload them or send with every order. The downside is you will use reams and reams of paper which will only be thrown in the bin.


Also, if you do upload an invoice you may well get a warning email from Amazon, as I did yesterday, for an order from a business buyer in April, which after an hour of poring over my orders proved to be nonexistent.


You don’t have to print the invoices out. Just save them as a PDF and upload…