Automatic disposal orders


I keep getting disposal orders created automatically for some of my unsellable stock.

I don’t mean the ones that are created weekly. I get notified about these.

The new ones get created with no notification. I have spotted one today and I am trying to cancel it but the system will not allow me.

You all might wan to check if you have any unsellable inventory.


This is actually a huge problem for us as well. We lose hundreds of dollars per year because of this.

We have someone that manually makes removal orders every 2 weeks, and we STILL get these automatic disposals.

What is going on??


Have you checked your settings haven’t changed in Automated Unfulfillable Removal?


On the Settings* menu, click Fulfilment by Amazon* .

On the Fulfilment by Amazon Settings* page, locate Automated Unfulfillable Removal Settings* . Click Edit* .

On the Automated Unfulfillable Removal Settings page, click Enable* and select one of the following:

Return** to have unsellable inventory returned to you.

Dispose* to have unsellable inventory disposed of.

Select your preferred schedule:

Weekly (on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 28th)

Twice a month (on the 5th and 20th)

Once a month (on the 1st)

In the Email address text box, type your preferred email address.

If you selected Return , provide the address and phone number for the delivery destination.

Click Update .


I keep getting these, but generally it’s only a few bits and pieces that I’m happy to be destroyed. Returned bulbs etc…

But I’ve just checked those settings and I have them disabled.
So I must admit, I’m very curious as to why Amazon keep removing stock without my approval.