Available October 21, 2021: New Returns Performance dashboard


Yep - I am getting so fed up of links in the messages they send out giving me this same error when I click them. Ive had so many recently.

Get your own house in order first Amazon before adding metrics that we have no control over whatsoever.


they left the crucial bit out

In our continued efforts to improve the seller-fulfilled returns experience for customers


When I queried a automated return from a customer, which was an incorrect return description, I was told by Seller Support that they (Amazon) want us to work with the seller to come to an amicable conclusion and that I could deduct from the refund for the return postage (obviously if you are able to select). When I then queried what would happen if I did this and the customer opened a complaint because, 9 times out of 10, if you are selecting the incorrect reason for return you are not going to be happy if your return is deducted, what would happen then. I was informed that that it would probably be given in the customers favour and be a negative to us. When I asked how this was fair to us as a seller the response was ‘this is Amazons policy’! Basically, that is what it is, deal with it however you want to but then deal with the outcome as per the policy.


Wait…what another metric for us Sellers (your selling partners) to have to worry about? you really shouldn’t have!

You really do wonder what’s coming next? Drones above our business premises checking and monitoring our work rate! :roll_eyes:


I hope (but won’t hold my breath) that Amazon apply this to their shonky “Amazon Warehouse Deals”. This might make them get their act together.

For a few pence less you can order something that is totally broken or seriously damaged…

I suspect Amazon will not apply this to Warehouse Deals, in much the same why they quickly buried their feedback when they realised they were doing an awful job.


Haven’t been so exited since their efforts to introduce VTR:robot:

Do you think they are dreamt up by BOTS (A.I. not quite there yet).

Couldn’t possibly be intelligent humans:thinking:


Sometimes I wonder if Amazon actually want 3rd party sellers on their platform. sigh


Yes, certainly.


(I know, it’s an extensive list)


83% or there abouts. Amazon EU is about the same, and that’s new stock crossing the boarder. Great they manage this with only a multimillion pound logistics infrastructure behind them. Poor things.
Not sure they’re in any position to mark anyone else’s homework considering, they should be asking our advice if they want to improve customer experience……


They want you to be FBA so they can control your stock .
They overarching desire is for FBM sellers to have little/no interaction with ‘their’ customers. The option to pay for CS seems to have exactly the same underlying motivation.
Amazon only ever acts in its own paranoid self interest.


Fantastic to see Amazon being in tune with the sellers. I too am so thrilled and can’t wait for October to come. What with VTR , Amazon VAT services, restricting stock into Europe and the attentive seller support it is just a dream come true.

Amazon you’re the best!


I don’t think the Americans who run Amazon will understand your comments as they don’t get sarcasm. They will take it as a compliment.


I think it’s just a lot of “yes” people. Some top level manager comes up with an idea, and everyone below them wants to keep their job and be seen as “positive and supporting” so sing the praises. It seems none of them has the balls to sit up and say “that’s a crock of an idea”


My estimation was something similar, as that’s how big corp works - the drive is to be noticed - which means change - often for change’s sake - so ‘look what I did’ gets noticed.

How’s the multi-million pound drone programme going, oh yes, I see…


Strange the Top Man has never appeared on “Undercover Boss”. Or is It!

Would probably be censored.


Its already started!


Does the multi billionaire Jeff Bezos ever read these forums?


He is in the clouds, (too high up to see them).