Avalara/Amazon : Spanish VAT number starting in VIES


11 days ago we received a message by Avalara/Amazon stating that : “Your Amazon seller account contains a local VAT registration number(s) that is not validated or listed in the VAT Information Exchange System of the EU commission ([VIES]).”

It seems that it means that, while all of our VAT number look like FRXXXXX (for France), ITXXXX (for Italy), etc, our ES number looks like N11111, and is therefore not in line with the rest in terms of format. Amazon threatens to remove our ability to sell in Spain without this.

It seems a very complex procedure with a lot a paperwork involved, and we don’t know the first thing about doing this.

Has anybody had to do this? It would be very helpful if you shared a few tips on how to approach this. Thank you!


Have you tried validating ESN11111 in vies?



Hi @BarryM

I have - the “N11111” does not validate - so Amazon sent me a message to update it (which Avalara should have done and did not do at the time of registration).


Spanish VAT numbers are 9 characters long: the first, or last or first and last characters can be letters, with the rest being digits. N12345678 would be correct for a foreign non-natural person (e.g. a foreign company).

Could it be that you’ve been allocated a tax identification number, but this hasn’t been put onto the VAT for whatever reason?