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We have been selling on Amazon for six months. From a slow start we have two out of three products selling well, 5 star reviews and Amazon Choice applied. However, we have some Negetive Customer Experience Ratings which put these two 5 star products in Fair and Poor NCX categories. There is one detailed for the Poor rating… broken on arrival but I cannot get details on others from Amazon. On the Fair rating product the reason given is … Wrong item sent but again , Amazon will not give me details of other NCX claims. We only use Fulfilled by Amazon so wrong item sent is outside our control. We get Seller Support refund notices which say are mostly Order Not Received (foremost reason given) or General Adjustment. The first, ‘ONR’, using FBA, is outside our control and I do not understand a G.A? Does anyone know how I can get more details on the undisclosed NCX? I have tried Seller Support but only got a stock answer referring me to Hep Pages. I can’t contact NCX customers as I don’t know who they are or even what they said. Anyone out there who can help? Confused and unhappy Seller.


Hi there’s a return report you can download and see the reasons


Thanks for the reply Peter but I have looked at every report available throughout the entire Amazon website and I can find no details of negative complaints except the one identified on Voice of the customer. There are no available details for any of the other NCX numbers listed. and not give details. On every other report guidance has taken me to there are no issues reported, totally zero. So where is this report that you believe will give any further details? I have looked everywhere and all reports say Zero issues! I am no further forward … although I do note that the NCX on my products has improved today… from poor poor to fair …! Has Amazon looked at my concern again and made an adjustment? Still baffled and unhappy.


Hi not sure if this will work


It’s in the fba part fba returns if that doesn’t work. Let me know


Hi Peter,
As of this morning, our wooden comb product is back to Customer Experience Health rating of POOR. 4 No Negative Customer Experience orders are listed. 1 issue is given, ‘broken in two parts. I have reviewed all customer returns notified by email from 21st May on this item and there were 2 combs returned, 2 never received and 2 logged as General Adjustment. (I don’t know what a GA is?) So why 4 complaints with only two 2 returns and only one issue reported? I followed your advice to the FBA customer returns page however, I do not know what the LPN number is or where to find it. The order ID I got from the seller support return email and the other boxes are product related but I need the LPN number to get further.
Thank you for the trouble you are taking to help. We really want to succeed on Amazon and thought things were going well with two products listed as Amazon Choice, one 5 product and one 4.75 stars but the NCX rating is baffling. Many thanks, Heather

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