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Hi dear Amazon customers I’m selling shoes I alredy sale and this who’s buy alredy take thay shoes… And I have balance bout 6800 Euro why this money not coming my bank account… Plsea help for this thank you.


either you are new seller so they keep your money for 15 days or you may have problem in reports eg high late shipment etc . contact seller support


It sounds like what you are experiencing is because as a new seller who registered to sell on Amazon on or after 15th August 2016, you are subject to the Estimated Delivery date reserve.

The money you make from a sale will be held in your account for at least 7 days after the estimated delivery date of each order. Then, it will be added to your available balance and disbursed at your next scheduled settlement date (usually takes 2 weeks).

This is a permanent feature.

Here it is explained in a picture:

And here you can review the policy:

The only way how you could potentially receive your funds faster is by shipping using Amazon’s Integrated Carriers, found on this link:

Then the following will apply:

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