Bank Account Re-Verification


Hello All,

I just received an email stating “Important: Re-verify all your disbursement account or deposit method today” saying I must initial re-verification of bank accounts within 60 days.

1 Minute later I have another email saying “Important: You will not be able to disburse to unverified [disbursement accounts or deposit methods] from today” and I’ve now reached the 60 day limit.
In 60 seconds?!

My account now states " You currently have limited access to Amazon Selling Services

Your information is currently being validated. We will contact you if additional information is required.
Once we have received and been able to validate your data, we can open your Selling on Amazon payment account"

My account status is "Account Status Information provided and pending validation. "

However If I go into bank account information - there is a button to click verify and submit documents.

Do I submit anything? or do I just wait? does anyone know how long this takes? thanks


If this info is showing in your account settings then yes provide what they have requested. Check first though.


Many have been getting the 1 min apart emails over the last few weeks.
My reverification took 10 days 4 weeks ago.Be warned your balance is likely to go into reserve while being verified.


Many thanks - I uploaded a bank statement. Amazon now want proof of UTR which I’m going to need to request from HMRC in the mail.

Is there anything else they are likely to request?

I dont know why after 3 years I have to be reverified.


It’s routine for all sellers now - re-verification will happen every 2-3 years (at least)


Just jumping on this thread as I cannot seem to find the answer elsewhere.

Since updating my card details my balance has gone into reserve, despite my bank account being fully verified and now no disbursements for 4 weeks, while the verify my details but have been asked for no extra paperwork.

Then received a message saying:

'You must verify the ownership on one or more of your deposit methods in order to continue to receive disbursements.

Please log in to your Seller Central account to begin your deposit method verification.’

I have no bank account assigned to the European Marketplaces as I only ship to the UK, do I need to assign an account to each one just to tick a box?

Slowly coming to the conclusion that selling on here is just not worth the effort, no support, weeks to get replies, this forum is full of disgruntled sellers only trying to do their best.


I believe you do need to assign the account to each marketplace separately


As you have the EU Amazon account then yes you need bank details entered for each one - even if you are not actually selling there.


Thank you, very much appreciated, just wish when they send messages they make clear exactly what they need.

This is my gripe and would be very easy to rectify if all of the messages regarding verification and documents needed originated from agents here in the UK, is that really too much to ask?

Happy selling until the next verification :wink:


I am now being asked to submit proof of UTR. I submitted my self assessment tax calculation (S302) and it was declined for not being one of the acceptable types. Will they really only accept a literal UTR confirmation document from HMRC?


Yes …- phone HMRC and ask for a Confirmation of UTR letter


I went through re-verification a couple of weeks ago and could chose between 3 or 4 types of evidence. I can’t remember what they were but i think self-assessment was on there - though I wouldn’t swear to it. I went with confirmation from HMRC anyway which took 6 days to arrive and was verified by Amazon in about 12 hours.


Just had the same email, checked my account and I need to verify my bank account. I don’t get a letter from HMRC, I get a text telling me to submit a tax return, and last time I phoned them I was on hold for over 50 minutes. Is there a good time to phone them?


5 April. Last day of the tax year, so they’re all in a good mood, celebrating over that money they’ve raked in



Submitted bank statement yesterday, verified today, sorry…


That’s good news, not just for you but to show others that the system does work if you submit the right documents in the right way and don’t then start chasing up


An update - I’m all verified now.

Submitted bank statement and it was accepted within an hour. Submitted S302 and it was declined. Submitted a standard UTR confirmation letter from HMRC and my account was verified within about 12 hours.

I also had an email asking for proof of ID (Passport) but it never appeared in my settings and my account was verified without it. Strange.


I had the email request yesterday to submit a copy of bank statement of account currently being used for disbursements. So I uploaded and submitted that. It still shows as being processed. If it takes a while for them to process will they not send me any payments until it has passed? I haven’t changed anything about the bank account or anything else.


For anyone worrying mine was verified in under 24 hours (re verifed I should say)

I am a LTD company and bank account is in the name of the LTD company (dont know if this helps)

Anyhow its done and I was impressed as all the horror stories had me worried!

So its not all bad.