Bank Verification


When verifying a bank account on here via statement do you have to upload a full statement or is the first page enough?

I assume they are just looking for account and company name to verify its owned by the company?

Thanks in advance!


Just the first page as long as it lists the bank name, date of statement, your name, your address, bank account identifiers (e.g. sort code, account number, IBAN etc)


Just the first page showing your shipping address and account owner details would be enough.


Ok, so our business is registered at a different address to our offices where bank statements are registered would this be an issue?


Most likely yes, as the information needs to exactly match what is entered in your account.

It’s the purpose of the verification to verify that your address is correct.


amazon states the following on the verification page. Im not to sure how we would change the bank account address as its sent to our accounts departments address.

It doesn’t mention that the addresses need to match.

What do I need to be extra careful about?

  • Your document is the exact document we asked for.
  • Your bank account number was not miss-typed.
  • The account name on your document is the same as what’s shown in Seller Central.
  • The business name on your document is the same as what’s shown in Seller Central.
  • Your document is less than 180 days old.
  • Your bank is located in the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany, or the US. Only banks supported by Amazon currency converter for Sellers are accepted.
  • Your personal sort code number was not miss-typed.

If your bank is based in France, please check the bank sort code, branch code and the cle RIB/BIC.

If your bank is based in Germany or Austria, please check the BLZ number.