Barcode help please!


hi, i am new to Amazon and need help with Barcodes so i can start to add my products which are all Handmade and havent used barcodes before! is the best place to buy barcodes GS1?


I maybe wrong but I believe if you are selling in the handmade category, you don’t need barcodes


thank you for your reply, i did wonder that too! i have to set up a seller account before been able to sell with amazon handmade and have got to the point of uploading and first up is barcodes!!!


Have you applied to sell in the handmade category ?


yes i am approved to sell on Amazon Handmade


If your listing is in the right sub category of Handmade, then you can leave the code field blank and be able to submit the listing. If it won’t submit without a code, you’ll need to contact Seller Support and explain the situation (clearly & concise - you’re dealing with AI bots half the time).

If you’re registered on Handmade, you can also apply for GTIN exemption if you wish to sell other products in another category without barcodes, but there is a limit in terms of sales, etc. Or at least there was. The help pages should detail it.

And finally, if you are buying barcodes, I believe Amazon will only accept GS1 - though stand to be corrected.


Because you are selling handmade items, you do not need a barcode, you can just leave it blank.

If you plan to sell your handmade items via FBA (sending them to amazon to ship for you) you will need to put an amazon barcode on your products which amazon will generate for you when you convert your products to FBA.

You do not need to fork out for GS1 barcode.

Happy Selling!

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