Barcodes, Labels


Good morning all,

Im in the process of completing my first ship to Amazon process.

Ive got the amazon box label and im at the final step (add shipping tracking number), but the supplier has not shipped just yet so im not able to go any further.

Also…do i need to add amazon barcodes to each of my 150 units? or do i add the GS1 Barcodes?

Thanks very much.


normally the amazon labels (FNSKU)

is it your brand?


When you created the shipment it will have told you whether it needed amazon barcodes or manufacturer ones.

Are you shipping straight from your supplier? If so, have you checked the quality? its risky to send your first shipment directly… Also you need to make sure they use an approved courier or you might be best just using ups via amazon and sending your supplier the labels


And just to repost what I put on another thread

I definitely recommend reading the seller university pages and not any YouTube videos

Lots of points to make

Is your account fully verified as a sole trader or ltd company ?
Are you ungated in the category you want to sell in ?
Do your products require any safety checks and docs ?
Have you checked the prices from china ?
Do you have plenty of funds to advertise ?
Do you have a trademark and brand registry ?
And how about insurance ?

Sorry sounds like a lot of questions but unfortunately those are just the basics for selling on amazon