Beauty products linked as Food and Beverage and out Pan EU



Few days ago i have see that some of our items (14 ASINs) are out of PAN EU fulfilmeny and they changed in EFN with huge shipping prices ( exemple from 1.95 EUR to 5.03 EUR) .
The reason is " ASIN is Food or Beverage" and is wrong.
Our ASINs are cosmetics and are listed in Beauty cetegory so they have no food and beverage attribute.

Can help please what to need to modify to get back the item in PAN EU service?

This is the message received from amazon:

" Upon careful review, I have found that the ASINs labeled as containing food through the ‘contains_food_or_beverage’ attribute. Due to different local EU regulations as well as not having warnings/chemical compositions/allergen information/usage instructions in all EU5 languages, these ASINs are excluded from EFN.

You may want perform a full update on the listings to make sure that no food information was included on the listings information. You may use the inventory file loader to update this listings."

i can not find anywhere this : ‘contains_food_or_beverage’ attribute.
And i do not want to use nventory file loader, i want to edit every listing.
The product are in private lable and we are brand registry.

Thank you



Same problem here.
You have resolved the issue ?
If so…how ?

Thank you


Same problem here. is it resolved?



Some ASINs were reintroduced into PAN EU, but unfortunately others were removed due to food and drink politics.

When I solved most of them, unfortunately some were removed again. It’s crazy, I listed and delisted the products several times and in vain.

I wish you success, it is very difficult to solve.


Have you asked them to amend this label “contains_food_or_beverage” to be “false” instead of “true”?
This is the source of the problem. It is not available to normal customer support and it needs to be solved by an internal FBA team.



Yes i have asked to change the lable in " false" .
now only have 2 items linked , the support resolved 7 of our ASIN bun now we have opened a new case for 2 ASIN .

I have been struggling like this for months. I think since the opening of exports between the UK and the EU and vice versa, around May 2022.
I hope that in the end everything will be resolved


Thanks, “Euro Trade 1234” for your feedback.

It is good that they managed to resolve it by turning it off for 7 ASINs.
I hope it won’t be switched back to “true” by the Amazon AI again.

Could you please tell us how you managed to resolve it?
We are struggling with the same issue.
It is really hard to amend it.
The articles won’t be searched at all in other countries due to food restrictions.



We open case after case , we deleted and wait 72h and then after we have relist the ASIN`s.
Verry verry hard work, instead to focus on growth we focused to resolv this problem, Very frustated.

Considering that our products are below 10 euros in value and we depend on this PAN EU program to have a minimum profit.
And now I opened a case for 2 ASINs for which the problem was not solved.
I wish you success in solving the problem. it will be quite difficult.