Best labels for poly-bags


First timer planing for first shipment to Amazon fulfillment centers.
Items will be packed in transparent zip-lock bags. Current labels, some cheap 32 labels per page, do not want to stay on the bags, as soon as items are placed inside.
Currently I have 3 options to consider:
*)Place a scotch tape over labels, keeping them in place;
*) Print the labels on thicker paper and place inside the bag, showing the information to outside through the bag;
*)Find a good brand of labels that really stick to poly-bags or bubble wrap.

Additional question regarding fragile items - Do Amazon accept stock, wrapped in layers of bubble wrap, scotched close and label present on outside?

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We bought a Dymo LabelWriter 450 and then by rolls of DYMO Compatible labels (much cheaper) size 57mm by 32mm. Absolutely perfect for labelling our FBA with barcodes and other information (and no need to buy ink as its a thermal printer).

Amazon sells the rolls of labels for £51.10 for 20 rolls (look around you can find cheaper on eBay etc) , 1000 labels per roll. The printer is £80.


Thank you for suggestion. Have you ever tried to stick these labels on poly bags, bubble wrap?


Yes, they will stick an absolute treat to any type of plastic.


I use a Zebra LP2824 Plus (about £20 when I got it, but currently sells for about £60) and compatible labels. The labels work absolutely fine.

Zip-lock bags are usually quite expensive. I would use grip seal ones instead.

Yep. That’s actually how they recommend fragile items be packed. I’ve found it’s usually better to bubble wrap then place in a box with the barcode label on.


How do you create those labels? Do you use Amazon templates or do you compose those labels yourself?


I made mine myself in Zebra software. I’d assume Dymo has similar software. Barcode type for FNSKU labels is Code128, GS1-128 or similar.


Depending on size, don’t forget to label them with the Amazon suffocation statement, label.