Best way to get products/images updated - any suggestions


I’m tearing my hair out trying to get Amazon to update information on products where incorrect images or sizing has been used.

This week I’ve been accused by them of digitally changing an image of a product when all I did was take a picture of the front and the back of the box showing the correct code, ean and colour.

Then they said I’d stuck the sticker on myself, when this is how they come in from the manafacturer.

Today I’ve been trying to change the image on a product which I have the delivery note, from the brand showing all the barcodes plus the boxes which VERY clearly show the correct image.

They just won’t change it. There is no manufactures link as the brand themselves aren’t selling it on their site.

Has anyone any tips for the most effective way of getting this stuff updated. It didn’t used to be this difficult. A simple picture showing the barcode and the product used to be enough.



If you are the listing creator then you have rights to change the listing page yourself, just update the information / images and save it. If you did not create the listing and are just one of a slew of sellers on the product page then you can pretty much forget about getting anything changed, more so if Amazon themselves are selling on the listing.


They have changed how they do things making it much more difficult. If you need permission from the Brand Owner you have no chance without it, even if the mistakes are so clear and obvious. It is painful and infuriating.
With other listings if a Rep is being particularly stubborn we just let the case lapse then open a new one requesting the changes and this has worked for us 99% of the time.
Good luck!