BHX3 - Anyone else struggling to get shipments delivered?


BHX3 - Anyone else struggling to get shipments delivered?


Isn’t BHX3 different to BHX4? Not a fulfilment centre I am familiar with.


Amazon Fulfillment CenterPlot 1, Lyons Park,Coundon Wedge Drive,Coventry, West Midlands CV5 9FAGB (BHX4)

Amazon Fulfillment CenterAmazon Fulfillment Centre BHX34 Royal Oak Way NorthDaventry, Northamptonshire NN11 8QL


Our shipments seem to be getting delivered to many different centres at present but all are being dealt with rapidly, I have to say including BHX centres. I don’t know if it’s relevant but we recently received an email regarding the size and weight of shipment boxes and that over certain sizes / weights, they would be rejected at fulfilment centres. We don’t send enormous boxes anyway but just wondering if your boxes are large? :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding.

No my boxes are fairly small (cash & carry crisp box size) and weight wise 1-3kg.

They state they are out for delivery but have been like that for sometime now.


Have you used UPS for your deliveries? On their site you can see if the items are being held for future delivery (has happened to us in the past when a fulfilment centre has been overwhelmed). We’ve not had that issue though this year, to date (touch wood).


Yes with UPS.

States out for delivery since 14th September - must be overwhelmed there


I would say this is one for UPS as they normally won’t deliver unless there is a slot for them at any given fulfilment centre. Most items are therefore held at Tamworth. Perhaps contact UPS for an update :slight_smile:


Yes same here, I’ve got a shipment that is stuck on status "The package is being held for a future delivery date. We’ll attempt to deliver on the date requested. " since the 16/09/19. Contacted Amazon who say UPS need to give me a booking date, and UPS say only amazon can request that.


Hey I pressed SS and told them I had already spoken to UPS who said that the issue was with Amazon not being able to take anymore deliveries & were told to hold packages until further notice, 24 hours on, to be fair to SS they sorted it and my packages were delivered.

So I would go back to SS and state you have spoken to UPS.


Hi, any update ?
My parcel been hold for future delivery since 24.09.2019 , so far 8 working days …


We sent a shipment into BHX3 on the 07 Oct - as of 16 Oct still no sign of it.

The latest tracking info is from the 11th, which says:

Oct 11, 2019 08:00:00 AM - Northampton GB - Special delivery arrangement requested by the customer which may delay shipment

I contacted SS who replied (in under 30 mind) with:

"I see that you have used amazon-partnered carrier, thus he carrier information shows the package is being held for a future delivery date. So please be informed that there are high frequency of shipment arriving our fulfilment centre, it is taking more time to check-in the shipment and add the units to your inventory.

I’d like to inform you that you were using partnered carrier to ship your products so you need not to worry about the issue, Amazon will be taking care of the goods and We’ll attempt to deliver on the date requested."


We sent a shippment into BHX4 on 04 Oct, until now haven’t received.


Amazon are just taking the p*ss now.

Can you imagine if we took this long to send item out to our customers. They need to get that warehouse sorted ASAP.

We normally send everything to Cardiff - that’s always in with a couple of days.


Problem getting packages to BHX3

Quote from Seller Support

" I have been looking into this for you and it turns out Amazon do not deal with parcel deliveries. You must contact UPS and they will arrange for your parcels to be delivered into Amazon."

What planet do they live on!


How long since the parcel was collected?


6th November 2019.

Supposed to be delivered.

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