Big chunk of inventory vanished


do let us know how you get on with that new submission…


It might not be UPS’s fault.

Last December I sent in 3 boxes of the same SKU to (3 x 62 units). They checked in 2 boxes and stole the other one. I found the missing stock quite by chance being sold in Germany by AMAZON!

Amazon denied all knowledge and said no units were missing, even though I sent them screen shots as evidence to their crime.

After a lot of arguing they then came up with FOUR different figures as to how much stock I actually had, and in the end only paid me for 23 missing units.

Several months later they came up with another 9 units, and then only about a month or two back, completely out of the blue they paid me for a further 24 units.

They fobbed me off on the remaining units saying they had ‘over-counted’ one of my earlier shipments (which does appear to be true). However, it’s funny how they never bothered to take into account that they had under-counted on some other shipments… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I still don’t know what the true situation is because their inventory management system is so bad that even their own reps haven’t got a clue what’s going on, hence the reason they kept coming up with different figures all the time.

I checked through my inventory reconciliation reports to find out how many units were in stock at certain times and how many had been sent/sold/lost/found, etc.

It’s a complete nightmare trying to figure out their inventory reports but it’s the only way I could convince them that they were wrong.

Just keep on at them and whatever they tell you, don’t believe a word of it.


that might be one part of it…

we had an incidence once… single box and it did not shown as delivered BUT it started receving and got an email saying one of the ASIN was over etc etc… So I took some screenshot and started reply on the case… Suddenly the shipment disappeared with all ASINs.

SS refuse to do anything and since I had screenshots and a case already opened BEFORE the shipment disappeared, I was able to get reimbusement for all the stock.

I agree with you, trying to work out stock is a nightmare!


Why am I going to read an entire thread just to reply to the original post? No need to be rude :kissing_heart:


So… They got back to me just now and it’s not looking very good.
This is what they said:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that your concerned is regarding the missing 56 units of FNSKU- XXXXXXXX.

In this regards I want to inform you that the units are showing as " Investigation completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed" in the reconciliation tab. You can check the same from the link below;


The fulfillment center has performed an automatic check, trying to reconcile the shipment and make sure the units have been properly prepped and counted as per specification. We do understand that your next question will be how the fulfillment center have confirmed the unit count for this shipment? The fulfillment center Associates do a physical check of each shipment received at the fulfillment center at various points to ensure that none of the units are left at any points at our fulfillment center.

Millions of products are received and sold on as we follow decisive standard procedure to make 0% errors. However, sometimes accidents do happen. This is not an excuse but we want to tell you that we strive to be the earths most customer centric company by eliminating those small errors. Once again we apologies for all the frustration caused to you in this regards and we hope you’ll give us another chance.

Our Credit Operations team has, I regret to inform you, denied an investigation on this case, as the Fulfillment Center is sure of this unit not being part of your shipment - after performing multiple checks for accuracy. This is also why you were unable to create the case from the reconcile tab of your shipment contents page, and instead, have manually written to us using the contact us page.

We as associates are strictly not allowed to override the FC’s decision, which is why I had this case reviewed from our Credit Operations team. But since even this team is sure of the FC’s decision of this unit being ineligible, I feel dispirited in telling you that I will not be able to conduct an investigation for this missing unit that is ineligible for investigation :


According to Amazon’s Policy regarding this, our Fulfillment Centers perform an automatic check for you in order to determine the accuracy of the item quantity received. This check is performed at multiple points for this accuracy. When our associates at the FC confirm that all the units shipped have been received, and that some units were never found in the shipment, they automatically label these missing units as being ineligible for investigation.

This Policy has made it mandatory for us seller support associates to not work on any units that have been marked as ‘Ineligible for Investigation’ by our Fulfillment Center. I hope you understand how we as associates cannot conduct this investigation as this policy is being evoked strongly and adherence to it has been made vital.

Therefore, we will not be able to assist you in reconciling this shipment. I am sorry about this situation.

We associates, from our end, still made the following attempts to check if your units could be located :

>> We looked into your other shipments to see if your units had been mis-received, but did not find any.
>> We further looked in our holding accounts, to see if the units you are missing from your shipment could have been present there, but were again unsuccessful.
>> We have done all possible searches, but have come to the conclusion that there is no way to account for the missing units.

I am sincerely sorry that despite my best efforts, I cannot go forward with investigating on these discrepancies, as I cannot account for the units in any manner. Neither will I be able to counter the Credit Operations team’s, or the FC’s, decision - of these units being Ineligible for Investigation.

This process usually ensures a seamless experience for your prospective customers when units ship out to them. To learn more, you can read the following help page:


In addition to the research performed by the fulfillment center associates I have personally gone ahead and checked the events associated to the missing units and found that no adjustments were made for these units from the time frame since the shipment was delivered. This might indicate that, we have received all the units that were shipped. However you can go ahead and request for a reconciliation of these units so that our fulfillment team can go ahead and view transaction details of how many units are there in the fulfillment center.

I am temporarily closing this case, Do write to us, in case of any issue. Sellers like you are the building blocks for

Good Day!

I’m completely lost with this answer. No clue where to go from here.


ok… SS is just being a lazy so.

can you grab a screenshot of shipment content as well as prepare shipment where it is showing ASIN/box grid.


sure Richard. Why should you?


I’m unable to do ASIN/box as I had to upload a spreadsheet due to it being 22 boxes.

Unfortunately I deleted the spreadsheet. I will keep them from now on, lesson learned…

I sent the following message in a different case. If this does not work I’m losing faith.

This case is regarding FBA shipment FBAXXXXXXXXX

• -73 unit discrepancy of MSKU XXXXXXXXXX
• 5 out of 22 Boxes were not delivered by UPS
• The number of undelivered boxes is consistent with the unit discrepancy
• According to PCP Terms and FBA policy Amazon assumes responsibility for lost inventory

-Additional information

Undelivered Boxes (Images Attached):
Box 14: 1ZAF00000000000000; Last information provided by UPS: May 07, 2020 07:56:00 AM - Tamworth GB - Parcel arrived at a carrier facility
Box 18: 1ZAF00000000000000; Last information provided by UPS: May 07, 2020 07:56:00 AM - Tamworth GB - Parcel arrived at a carrier facility
Box 19: 1ZAF00000000000000; Last information provided by UPS: May 07, 2020 05:18:00 AM - Corbeil Essonnes FR - Parcel left the carrier facility
Box 20: 1ZAF00000000000000; Last information provided by UPS: May 07, 2020 07:56:00 AM - Tamworth GB - Parcel arrived at a carrier facility
Box 22: 1ZAF00000000000000; Last information provided by UPS: May 07, 2020 05:18:00 AM - Corbeil Essonnes FR - Parcel left the carrier facility

PCP Terms reviewed:

FBA Policy reviewed:

Please let me know if any further information is needed.

With that I have attached two screen captures showing the tracking for the boxes that were never delivered by UPS.

If you guys have any other ideas, I will be more than happy to hear them.

Thank you Onemore for all the help so far :slight_smile:


I shouldn’t, by the looks of it, they’re undertaking my advice anyway :heart:


Hi Andrew, that’s not the case at all. You should try to avoid giving advice next time if you’re not completely sure of what you’re saying and you’ve not read some of the critical information shared on the thread. It is blatantly misleading and could put new sellers in a bad situation.

Have a nice day.


if SS still come back and say no, then the only redress is to MD…

Do supply as much info as possible with screen shots or put in a word document with steps, so it will help with their investigation.

In the past, might not be ok now with short staff situation; put all the notes in, then request a call. Especially try later on in the afternoon/evening, you might get US/Ireland staff.


Got an answer back and it’s still zero luck, this is what they said this time:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

We have investigated your shipment again and found the below:

19 units of FNSKU sent with shipment FNSKU X00162YZOL have been received and processed into your inventory.

Although the unit(s) do not show as received to the Shipment ID FBAXXXXXXX, they were added to your inventory. You can view the addition of the unit(s) with the Inventory Adjustment Report in Seller Central.


[removed bit where they talk about another ASIN in the same shipment that I was already able to reconcile]

As for the remaining 37 items of FNSKU X00162YZOL , I want to inform you that the units are showing as " Investigation completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed" in the reconciliation tab. You can check the same from the link below;


Also Upon investigation we have found a weight discrepancy on your shipment:

• Shipping plan weight : 168.359 KG
• Carrier weight: 133.9 KG
• Difference: 34.45

Due to the weight discrepancy, we are unable to confirm that all of the expected items were shipped and cannot reconcile nor reimburse for the discrepancies you have asked us to investigate.

We cannot confirm that all units have been shipped, if you can provide a justification for this we can look into the matter further otherwise we will not be able to process a reimbursement for this shipment.

Please note: Carriers generally do not re-weigh packages and rely on shipping weights provided by you or on your behalf. Shipping weights can and will be used in the evaluation of all reimbursement-related claims.

Please let us know how we did.

What justification can I provide? UPS got the boxes from Spain and that was it.

The boxes show as being picked up but not delivered. Doesn’t that prove they were indeed shipped by me?

I also added up the shipment weight that I had on my end and I get 133.9 KG which is the same they’re saying. I have absolutely no clue where they get the 168.359 KG from.

This is a capture of the “Prepare Shipment” part of the shipment.

This is turning into a bit of a nightmare for me, selling on Amazon is usually a breeze for the most part and things like these are quite difficult to deal with.

As always, any help is massively appreciated.


:frowning: looks like you have to prepare your case to MD… prepare it as if you need to file at Small Claim. Everything laid out simple and clear.

Send it to MD, if not heard back within say 21/28 days, then file paperwork. that should include your time in sorting this mess out.

Good luck.


Maybe OP should update their post from time to time instead of expecting everything on a plate? :smiley:


You can’t edit the OP past a certain point…

Regardless, please keep the thread on topic.


I’ve never done that before. Do you mind if I post it here beforehand to figure out if it’s good enough?

I’ll wait until Monday to speak to UPS and figure out if they can give me any more information that I can use to build up the case.


you might not get very far with them on the phone as you are not the customer, Amazon is and they will refer you back to them.

Have you got a web account with UPS? do the screen grab from there. Do it now before it disappeared.

sure… please do.


I do not unfortunately. I arrange everything through phone. I will from now on.

Thank you!


I just noticed that a shipment that closed yesterday has the exact same problem…

I’m in for a treat here. Hopefully if I manage to sort out the first one the second one will be easier :crossed_fingers:


you can still sign up for a free UPS account online. This will give you collection booking with all info there… more important you can do tracking from there. (you can online anyway)

grab the screen on the web tracking as that will help. phone them will not. what is showing on UPS should be the same as on Amazon but then it is independent confirmation.