Big chunk of inventory vanished


It is on topic. You’re the one getting your knickers in a twist because you failed to give full info :smiley:


Complete and utter rubbish.

They obviously have never read the forums nor the thousand of complaints they get each year. It beggars belief just how clueless thees people are and that they actual believe this rubbish.

Perhaps if they actually bothered to read the cases instead of just reaching for the copy & paste buttons they might start to get some idea of the scale of the problem.

I’ll give them this though, the stealing of my stock, selling it in Germany, and then denying all knowledge when confronted with the evidence, was not an error… it was blatant theft!


@PMA could it not be the case multiple boxes 5 arrived earlier than 3 others.

We have noticed this becoming regular with some of the stuff we are receiving in from abroad using DPD they are shipped out as say 10 boxes but some are coming one day and rest a few days later as they have gone in different directions for some bazzar reason


It very well could be, at this point I’m out of ideas on how to get those damn products to appear.


Same problem missing stock (39 Units) and same replies back from amazon. Impossible to get anywhere with them as. Items were definitely sent (all in one box) yet they say we didn’t send them yet there is a history of problems in FBA warehouses of items going missing or mislaid. FBA centre in question is Luton.

Also I advise everyone to check “Inventory Adjustments” in their amazon reports section as every month items go missing from your inventory and you can only get reimbursed if you contact seller support 30 days after an inventory adjustment. This is one thing amazon does not automatically reimburse you for.


has the tracking been updated at all?


No, the boxes show the same tracking as before.


then the only way to get anywhere is with MD. I would send off the info sharpish… just in case the tracking vanished!