Blocked lIsting


Hi I am new seller on Amazon. We listed our product and next day our listing was blocked. Wasn’t sure why was it blocked because we didn’t even send our orders out then. But later find out that the item need approval and requesting more information. Sent all the invoices and the response was the same. Needs same documents again. At last they said its been blocked because complain has been made regarding authincity. I don’t understand how can some one make a complain if the product wasn’t even posted out. I have been trying from the past couple of days but can’t list that product. Now I think I need to make an appeal. But I am completely lost. Didn’t know it will be that difficult to List items on amazon and the response time is 2/3 days even more. Very Frustrated. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you


It might be the manufacturer who has complained not a buyer. Are you buying direct from the manufacturer (or an authorised supplier), as there are strict rules for selling in what I assume is your category of Beauty

An appeal wont work unless you have proper invoices from a proper source - eg not from a retail high street outlet…


This may be an automated check that is often performed on new sellers for brand items. Amazon frequently will report ‘suspected authenticity’ and request invoices and brand authorisations.


Hi Thank you for your Reply. I am buying it from the authorised supplier in china. I have provided them Invoices before.


Thank you for replying. Yes I think it might be that. But they don’t really explain well.


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Hi @Beauty_Glamour_Ltd,

For selling accounts that have been put under review for authenticity, sellers are expected to establish the authenticity of the listings by means of invoices procured at the time of purchase.

As you have already submitted documents and have been requested for more information, I would suggests to re-check the invoices submitted to understand if it highlights the date of the invoices, product under review, quantity of the product, supplier information and buyer information, as per the ask. Also, the invoices should have been issued in the last 365 days and submitted in either pdf, jpg, gif or png file, to be accepted for review.

As the product have been taken down because of an ongoing review of authenticity on the account, you are not supposed to list the product again till the review process is not completed and the decision for continuation of the listings is not communicated.

Please review your account on these recommendations and appeal to us by replying to the notification received.

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We have provided all the relevant information 4/5 times. But no luck. Basically the product that we are trying to list is already on amazon and being sold by other sellers. To add the product we are searching in the search box and the product comes up and then we are clicking on sell yours and entering the quantity but the manufacturer name is always different and brand name. It doesn’t let us change it to ours. I think that’s the main reason its getting blocked. Can you please help us what do we need to list our products correctly.

Thank you


When you click on Sell Yours, the details need to match exactly - otherwise you are not selling the same thing.

If your product is a different brand or manufacturer then you need to create a new listing. As such, it sounds like you are listing against a branded entry in the catalogue - which is why you are being flagged as counterfeit and your invoices are being rejected.

You need to appeal this on the basis that you’ve made a mistake and did not understand Amazon anti-counterfeiting and listing policies.


Thank you. Do I need to register as Brand Registry?


No you don’t. Are these items branded by you or just bought as is?