Book returns increasing massively


I have been selling books on Amazon for over 20 years and have sold hundreds maybe thousands of books. In that time I have had only 3 books returned.
In the last month 7 have asked to return books for a variety of different reasons. These all appear to be resellers with poor English.
What is going on?


They probably read them first. I am surprised the cost of the return postage. Does not deter them.


As they returning the books in the same condition as sent, or more poor condition?
Perhaps you have not had them back yet?


Looking under Amazon scams it seems it might be to remove my books from the listing. I am usually much cheaper than the next one. They may sell their own more expensive than mine or try to sell mine at a higher price. It is always 3 weeks before the return request and another two weeks before the book comes back. I will stop sending books to obvious resellers or to orders to be sent to third parties. Bookselling used to be civilised profession. Shame.


Another one requested at 3 am. They must be automated or they operate 24/7.