Book Sale, What Do I Do Next?



I am new to this, done a few book sales this week. My question is should I remove them now from my stock inventory or leave them?


When your item sells it’s auto removed from your active inventory by Amazon, unless you listed a quantity of more than what you sold?

If you only had stock of 1 book title and sold it, but still have it showing in your active inventory, then something is wrong, if it’s moved to your inactive inventory, then that’s normal and you can delete if you wish.


If you mean whether you should delete / close the listing once you’ve sent the last of a particular book out, I’d leave it open for a little while in case of a return.


As said, assuming you only had one of each title then they are removed automatically - you need do nothing.

It has been known for sold items to mysteriously sell again (I too sell books) - so I now delete from my closed inventory after a time to prevent that happening, but only do it if you do not anticipate having the same to sell again.