Books software upload errors


Hi can anyone tell me why when using homebase 3.2 ABE software (the company they own)only half of my 6000 books do not upload, seller help does not seem to care they tell me it could be because i use prices with 8 decimal point!
i have been advised to downgrade and upload each book individually. i keep telling them it started when they upgraded or changed their seller site in september.
they are just not interested. rant over with!! ut i could re\ally do with some advise


Hi, got anywhere with this? i havent uploaded new stock to amazon since september. cant use standard file from HB 3.2 and amazon templtes are usless, unless im doing something wrong


i gave up when the tech people told me to make sure the parent and child were loaded together, then i realised there is no point to it all !!


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