Bookseller with a Repricer and Inventory query



I’m a bookseller with 23,000 listings on Amazon and around 2,000 on Ebay.

I’m really struggling to find a good repricer and inventory system - they don’t necessarilly need to be the same company for both, however this would make things easier.

Originally, last year, I used Repricer Express and I would say that this one was good however the price then went up quite a lot so I decided to try something else.

I’m currently using Channelmax as a repricer for Amazon but my sales are really consistently low, even when I’m listing regularly. I’m also currently in a free trial with Seller Dynamics but I’m waiting on them to come back to me to set everything up.

I’m also using Inkfrog as an inventory system and this has copied my listings from Amazon to Ebay however the inventory doesn’t always update to Ebay and I’m finding that I’m selling books that I have no inventory for on Ebay because they have already sold on Amazon. Sometimes it does update the inventory though.

I just wondered if anybody had any tips or a Repricer or Inventory system that they could recommend.

I also thought about hiring somebody on an Upworker website who has the expertise. Has anybody else gone down this route? If so, any tips on this would be greatly appreciated too.


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